By rabid_otaku - 20/09/2014 23:39 - United States - Sycamore

Today, I had to stop at a gas station to go to the bathroom. A sign on the door told people to knock since the door didn't lock. As I was peeing, a lady walked in on me. Rather than simply saying sorry and shutting the damn door, she opened it wider and stepped in to apologize. FML
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Well was she impressed with what she saw? ;)

Did you tell her to piss off?


karimm_fml 6

People these days man, also FIRST!

People these days, always ruining the first comment.

Well was she impressed with what she saw? ;)

How do you know its a guy?

What makes you assume that #2 said OP was a guy?

Maybe #2 thinks that only men have bathroom related FMLs

How said that #2 was referring to a guy?

I would say it wasn't a man. A man would probably have his back to the door while peeing. Toilets are often separated for men and women too.

cjwayy 22

This whole thread needs to stop.

Yes it does..

TheLostLegend 2

True Story. :(

incoherentrmblr 21

Since she stepped in to apologize, did she ever leave?...

WTF. Who would just walk in on a stranger on the toilet and walk in and apologise 0.o

Haha didn't know I would produce all of these sub-comments

TheLostLegend 2


rabid_otaku 29

After I begged she did... BTW, I'm a 14 year old girl.

Did you tell her to piss off?

was that a pun ?

Yes, yes it was.

It's a rude way to say, "Go away." Or rather, it's British slang that means "fuck off."

At least she didn't bitch you out or leaving the door unlocked without even checking or something.

True, I'd blame the owners. It takes about a minute to fit a little bolt. If it's like petrol (gas) stations here, a lot sell odds and ends so may even have them in stock.

The door doesn't have a lock

at least she tried to apologise sincerely

Maybe she didn't know what to do in this situation. Of course it would've been fine to shut the door and just leave, to apologize in front of a peeing man is only making the matter worse. Fyl OP.

Hmm, correction. I did not realize OP did not release their gender, but my point stays standing. Either way, they should've left.

I don't think it was a peeing man. Maybe a pooping man. But my money is on OP being a woman. Almost all places in U.S. have 2 different restrooms. And what kinda guy is gonna be worried about the rest of the store (potentially) seeing the side of his junk if he's peeing? No matter OP's gender, they had to be sitting.

It did say peeing in the context but I also agree.

It was a gas station also, sometimes they do have bathrooms for both sexes.

Yeah. My bad. I totally didn't read the peeing part. Just waking up. But I was trying to say they probably do have 2 different bathrooms for both sexes. My money is definitely on OP being a woman then.

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Maybe she found you attractive?

squarecircles 13

Yeah I'm sure it was love at first sight. LOL!

You should've thrown the plunger at her.

A gas station bathroom plunger? You'd have the Genova convention on your ass for chemical warfare if you threw that thing.

rabid_otaku 29

I should've.

TheLostLegend 2

Atleast she apologized, I was on the toilet one time some dude walked in peed on me walked out. I tried to chase him but I slipped on HIS urine and twisted my ankle.

Why am I having trouble beleiving this?

angelk19 22

True or not that was pretty funny

simplysarcastics 26

That is a horrible story, I would be so pissed!!!!

Lol that was you?!

Maybe she doesn't speak English.

How did you arrive at this conclusion?

I'm assuming 13 meant that if she couldn't speak English, she wouldn't have been able to read the 'knock first/lock's broken' sign on the door-- which would explain the woman's behavior. Except that the woman did apologize, so it's a safe assumption she did speak some English.

on top of that, even someone who didn't speak English should be able to just do a hand gesture to apologise without opening the door further