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Today, my former high school bully became my manager. FML
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Don't they always say it's suppose to be the other way around?

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That sucks but people can change. Give him a chance, but stand up for yourself if he hasn't.


Don't they always say it's suppose to be the other way around?

Exactly. I guess everything I've been told is a lie.

Right? It's a proven assumption in my case , since high school I've seen three of the people who would bully me; Pregnant, unemployed , or trying way TO hard to be my friend haha I'm sorry that it didn't turn out that way for you OP! But maybe he has changed, give him a chance :)

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No, the world is a horrible place where bad usually trumps good. That being said OP, hopefully he doesnt pick on you now that youre both adults.

because OP says he is a man on the bottom

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From what I've read, hiring officers often see that "bullying nature" as confidence. And for all you know OP, your former bully could be sorry for his past actions. But if he's still an asshole, then definitely FYL. I don't really have those satisfying stories of bullies becoming total losers yet (graduated HS 3 years ago). Though, from what I can tell on Facebook, some of the people I really disliked seem to be going nowhere fast.

Just because you get bullied it doesn't mean that you're smart

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OP what did you do so bad that karma is giving you the finger?

all the people that bullied me are druggies

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That sucks but people can change. Give him a chance, but stand up for yourself if he hasn't.

Why say "loool"? And why are you even laughing at all? The original comment wasn't funny, nor was your reply.

Oh, here we go. Figured out how to directly reply. Shut the **** up, you daft, wannabe feminist ****. In case you didn't see my first comment. :)

Just go to HR if he/she is still a bully.

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The meek shall inherit the world! Just not there

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Perhaps the OP isn't meek? Just a suggestion, but perhaps being a pretentious jerk is what earned OP the bullying in the first place. I don't know, but situations do usually get turned on people.

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I've found that jerks get ignored in the end. Or become part of a fight. Jerks r people with no self esteem(or friends), so they become nicer if they know that they r being a douche.

Maybe he won't recognise you after all these years. Then again, make sure he doesn't catch you in the restroom with your pants down. He's guaranteed to remember your underwear from all those atomic wedgies.

As soon as I read the FML, I automatically thought of Biff and George Mcfly

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"Why don't you make like a tree, and get outta here"

Now is not the time to remind him that in a few years you'll be making bank while he's flipping burgers.

oh no. fyl op. hopefully he doesnt remember you or he actually grew up and wont be an ass. if he didnt and he still bullies you, get the people above him involved.

Take life by the balls and make sure life doesn't repeat itself...

Or, make sure life doesn't return the favour!

How long ago was high school? I understand the scars that come from being bullied. People treated me like shit in HS. While some people remained bullies, others have moved on, learned to be kind, and are now decent human beings. The kid who tried to drown me in 3rd grade is now a nurse who actually helped save my sister's life. The girl who called me a ***** and cut my ponytail off is now one of my good friends. I have been out of high school 7 years and a lot of the people who treated me like crap had some terrible things going on in their lives, reasons for acting out. Give him a chance, don't bring up the past, and do your job. If he causes problems, document and save everything and then when you have enough evidence, go to the higher ups. If he doesn't do anything, then leave it be and talk to a therapist if it is causing you anxiety and pain still.

14, you are a better person than me. Everyone had something to deal with growing up; we didn't all take it out on others. I tried to stay out of the way and not be noticed, but in a class of 18 people I was singled out. I'm not sure why. Years after HS, my main bully bumped into me at a softball game and made fun of me for my chosen profession (truck driver). I snapped and told her off, loudly and with conviction. I'd have hit her if she wasn't pregnant with her 4th kid. Those girls spent years making me feel ashamed of myself; when I run into them now I immediately get defensive.

TheDrifter 23

Don't worry about the trucker jokes 22, we all get them, even from people who weren't bullies. Just ask her which flavor of local welfare dick got her knocked up this time and she'll likely run away crying. You'd be amazed how much more fun life gets when you stop caring what people think. (I'm also a trucker)

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Being a truck driver isnt for everyone. And if I tried to maneuver one of those semi trucks onto the loading dock, it would probably end up jack knifed, crashing into a few cars, curbs and people in the process. Plus the long distance driving is hard on me. I have a very hard time driving for more than 8hrs. We take alot of road trips and I have to have my husband help take turns driving cause its hard for me to stay awake after a few hrs.

I don't understand why you have to get special training to drive a truck, but just anyone can drive a moving truck. So annoying when they're on the highway and obviously have no idea how to drive a vehicle that large.

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Do you not know how many gears are in a semi truck? That shit takes some serious getting used to. My friend let me try out his and I bombed, horribly. I have absolutely no problem driving a manual car, I prefer them personally, but I can not drive 20 damn yards in a semi.

TheDrifter 23

North American semis don't use syncros in the transmission, so you must perfectly match rpm to shift, it takes some getting used to, not to mention the difficulties of maneuvering a large trailer, both backwards and around corners. As far as the moving trucks and big RVs, some of those drivers can be pretty damned scary. They really should require some additional training, but the RV industry groups have power and money behind them and a vested interest in keeping them available to as many customers as possible.

Some trucker almost hit me the other day when he was turning his truck. My uncle used to drive trucks and had to stop because all the sitting was causing him health problems. It is not, in anyway, an easy job. It takes a lot of skill, it is boring at times, and you have to watch out for people trying to rob/rape/murder you at truck stops. I never understood the idea that truckers are somehow below other people. Just as I am nice to the people who make my food, I am nice to people with access to giant death trucks. Not only because they could murder me with them, but because they are people trying to make a living.

59, I know you were complaining about the fact that any idiot with a license can drive a U-haul type truck. We feel the same way. But no articulation point does make it easier. Same goes for big RVs. Everyone else, she wasn't making fun of my job, but the lack of girliness to it. I asked her how being a baby factory was going and mentioned that I made more money than her husband, who'd moved the family into her parents' guest house to work on their dairy because he couldn't support them anymore. It was catty and mean, but I felt good. I don't really care what people think of me anymore, I just won't roll over while they try to tear me down. And, hey, thanks for the trucker support. I've been off the road for almost a year, but I still have the Class A and will drive again if my life ever goes in that direction.

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My mom was bullied in high school, but actually became a successful model. The other day, she went to the gas station and while she was checking out, one of her worst tormentors (the popular queen bitch) was the gas station's cashier. She wasn't looking too good. Karma's a bitch.