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By wtf bro?! - 07/05/2019 12:00

Today, I got a Facebook message from a guy from my old school. I didn’t remember him, but I replied anyway. When I checked my phone after work, I had 73 new messages that went from, “How have you been?” to, “Fuck you ugly cockteasing whore,” and ended with, “You better hope I don’t catch you!” FML
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TomeDr 24

I’d contact the police. Sounds very threatening to me.


TomeDr 24

I’d contact the police. Sounds very threatening to me.

bloopaloop 27

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ari330 21

Are you ******* serious? It's not OP's responsibility to coddle this little ******** or cater to his bullshit.

Never underestimate the power of a good bluff. Go online and bulk order as many prosthetic dicks as you can reasonably afford. Cut the bases of them off as raggedly as you can, and dip them in fake blood. Now, go to his house and fill his mailbox with your fake severed dicks followed by sending him a picture of yourself holding a blood soaked rusty pair of bolt cutters. Rinse and repeat on a daily basis, perhaps by changing up the location where you leave your pile of cocks just to keep things fresh. Some possibilities include on his doorstep, all over his car, glued to his front door (especially the doorknob), sent to his workplace via courier and even slipped into his pockets while he's out and about. If all goes well, his threats should turn into him begging for mercy within a week.

I hope you replied with: "I was at work, like a normal well-balanced adult, you entitled piece of shit asshole. I will be contacting everyone from school with a screenshot of what you have sent me, including asking them to please send this around, since your immature cunty nature also included a threat, which I take very seriously, I will be contacting the police as well. Enjoy your small penis, I'm sure no girl would touch it after this is public"

When you want to ghost someone, don’t forget to block them!

pins91 27

I understand that. Where are her priorities? What kind of workaholic nerd goes dark on social media? You can always get a new boss — followers are hard to find!

contact the police, and use anything he said to get him charged with "uttering threats" he will be arrested and probably freak out,hopefully strike police and gain some additional charges.

Sonotsuave 35

That’s literally harassment, of the verbal and threatening behavior lol. Even if it’s just messages you don’t want it to escalate so I’d contact the police to be safe, show them the evidence, make sure they have a nice complete profile on em and block all contact immediately

Lady Julia KaNeko 9

contact the police to start a paper trail if he starts stalking, the run away.