By whatgoesaround - United States
Today, being a big believer in karma, I found it fitting that a girl that was always a bitch to me in high school is now fat and ugly. After sending one of her recent pictures with a mean caption to a few of my friends, I tripped and sprained my wrist falling up the stairs. Karma. FML
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  JokerXero  |  0

No, Because payback is a bitch, Id do the same thing in this situation, someone insults me and karma butt fucks them I would laugh at them, and send them a message of karma, and pray to god it doesnt bite me in the ass LOL

  yuesha  |  5

@OP)) If you really were a big believer in Karma, you'd know that it only affects the physical manifestation of your next reincarnation, and won't make you trip up stares. Fucktard.

  muahzzbaybee  |  0

she shouldnt have gone to the extreme as to send the picture out to people saying bad things about it. shouldnt it be enought "karma" that the girl got unattractive and overweight over the years?

By  kewlguy23  |  0

I hate it when stuff like this happens, it's like God is f**king with your life when it's sucked this whole time, you think it's over, oh it's just the beginning.

  Kiwi_Splash  |  0

Actually, no... He used the idea of Karma to fight Karma. If you analyze it, Karma payed him back by seeing the girl that was bitchy to him in high-school fat and ugly. That was supposed to be it for him, but instead he contributed to making his mistake after they were even, so Karma bitched back at him by spraining his wrist while going upstairs. C'est tres facille.

  The_Cait  |  0's when you catch your foot on the edge of the next step while you're going up the stairs and face plant on the ascending stairs above you. No fun.

  Capn  |  0

Meh, my heel usually just slips out (socks on slippery stairs) and I just land on my butt and slide the rest of the way. I usually sprain a toe when falling up.