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Today, I learned the reason they say don't keep your phone in high humidity places. I left my phone on the counter when I went to take a shower. It now won't turn on due to water damage and the warranty doesn't cover it. FML
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purplemnm 9

I take showers with my phone in the bathroom all the's fine

Yea, that really sucks... But if you were told not to put it in a high humidity place and you did, YDI. Sidenote: put it in rice for a day. Dries it out niiice :)


Yea, that really sucks... But if you were told not to put it in a high humidity place and you did, YDI. Sidenote: put it in rice for a day. Dries it out niiice :)

pongmaster 0

yeah rice will dry it up good.. and if it doesn't then your boned and will need to get a new phone

mmastermetallica 0

or put it in the oven on really low around 80 it will dry it out alot quicker

peekaboobabe 0

love your glasses. rice really does help.

Waste of rice. Phones are ******* annoying anyway. Say good ridance OP.

if u didnt already know that water is bad for electronics then u r extremely retarded

um no. OP obviously was warned about the adverse side affects of having her phone in a humid place. if she realized the room would get humid, why bring a phone into it? it was her fault.

iSitt 0

wrap it in a paper towel before you bury it in rice to prevent the grains and powder from getting inside the phone

I agree with 47. This is a big DUH and YDI. The rice has been know to help. @42 Learn how to spell "riddance" if you're going to troll and make stupid comments.

karee10 0

yupp! that sucks but the rice works:)

@61: If you're going to troll, at least learn to spell "ritard".

Sweet hairstyle^ but yeah, from what I hear, the rice trick works.

ninja_ness 3

next time just take it into the shower with you that will **** it up just as much

tweetbaby14 18

how I this an fml? I've dropped my phone in the tub twice just let it dry...

That's why you keep your phone in the drawer, or in another room while you shower. Are you retarted?

joeyice8 0

how's your life ****** cuz of your phone? sidenote: theluckygirl128 your really hot u should email me or i'm me [email protected]. screen name-ballernokk

@Captainmarshall1 *retarded... = I think you need to learn to spell before you get onto others for not being the brightest.

oh my bad, however this does not make the OP any less "mentally challenged"

i take my iphone in the shower w/ me evry day so my mom doesnt go thru it. im typing on it rite now. still works. either ur lying to us or u dropped it in the toilet and didnt wanna sound like a total f*ck up :/

tweetbaby14 18

lately I've noticed that the fmls are turning into petty complaints that are the end result of the peoples stupidity or inability to do as they're told. ie this person

i dont see how this is that bad of an FML

ok about the rice thing... is that true or is everybody joking? haha and what does "troll" mean?

EricaAnnihilate 0

Why would they be lying? Any some what intellegent person knows that water is bad for electronics and steam is made from water therefore it might not be smart to take your phone in humid places. You're the one that sounds like a dumb ****, go back to elementary and learn English.

147- I wasn't asking if they were lying about electronics getting damaged due to water. I was asking if placing water-damaged electronics in rice really works. I really hope your comment wasn't directed to me, because if it was, you just came across as an idiot.

nvm 147 I think you meant to say this to the OP. I got confused since you replied to my post, sorry.

mikeyboi19 5

ok I know this sounds stupid but if you're gonna do that then put toilet paper over your phone. for some reason the vapor don't permeate through it. the screen never gets fogged up or nothin and I take hot showers

jayde214 0

you have no room to call herba retard. when you can't even spell the word.. idiot!!!

janelly16 7

Funny thing is i leave my phone in the bathroom when I shower and nothing ever happens to it.

purplemnm 9

I take showers with my phone in the bathroom all the's fine

htownlove 0

#2 I do that too, and that has never happened to me

you guys only take cold showers like serial killers and perverts?

You only get that humid-steam crap going on if you're in the shower for too long.

elledubb 0

really ppl??? 1 who ever says they text in the shower are liars and 2 why the hell do you need to have the phn in the bathroom while showering????? really? you going to rush out of the shower to answer the call from you r mom?

kaileebug 0

I always do that with my iPhone. My speaker quality sucks now though...

If you put it in a sandwich baggie thingy then you could take it in the bathroom while you're in shower... I like listening to music while I'm in the shower so I put my iPod touch in a sandwich bag thingy and it doesn't get wet or mess up at all. I'm pretty sure it would work for a phone... even if it sounds a little ghetto... well I don't kno... :)

jazziloveberryy 3

# 21- someone could be expecting an important call, not all calls come from our moms. and plus I like to keep track of time to make sure that I'm not taking too late. and I feel safer when my phone is near me so my brother won't go into my stuff. OP- If you want to take your phone in the bathroom, then just leave it in between clothes or a towel and put it on full blast so that you can hear if a call comes. Thats what I do.

mattchap 0

i'm in the ******* shower retard on my ******* phone so suck a penis

gtdoll 0

I txt and shower, and that has done NOTHING to my iPhone. and Maybe some people have lives or jobs they need to tend to...or maybe something important is going on. you know NOTHING about other peoples lives. so stfu.

elledubb 0

#71... sure and I will be filing your insurance claim for your liquid damaged phn in a few days I am sure! bitch! yup I work for the only cell phn insurance company in the USA..

purplemnm 9

you stole that from meeeeee! :D

yeah I do that too I keep it on a little shelf thing and text while I'm in there and mine works perfect

#2 yeaa I do that like all the time. my phone is fine.

#50, I'm sure you get a lot of "important" calls when you're still at the age where your brother steals your phone and goes through your stuff. Idiot.

that's a great idea! cus I take my iPhone into the bathroom for music during my shower all the time

LOLOL. She can still get important calls regardless of her brother. stop being so jealous because nobody important calls you.

jsusfreek927 0

#120: um, I'm 20 years old and have an important job and important things that I do occasionally have to take care of. I just so happen to have a little brother who likes to snoop through my stuff, mainly my phone. so quit being rude and mean. if you can't be nice then geez, just shut up.

jazziloveberryy 3

#120 What are you talking about? Anyone at any age can get there phone taken by there little brother. Duh. You don't even know anything about me, I'm an 18 year old with internships and colleges calling me all the time. I need my phone near me. Don't you feel stupid? Psst. And you called me an idiot.

jazziloveberryy 3

Oh, and thank you #151 and #153. Some people don't think on here.

#184 - before you mock someone for calling you an idiot, make sure your grammar and spelling are correct. For a 18 year old with "colleges calling you" all the time, I assume that you should have basic communication skills.

jazziloveberryy 3

#186. Wow, someone's anal. 1. For your information I have great writing skills. I was in AP English for my last three years of high school. I was just so furious, I was typing too fast and wasn't paying attention. I did realize my mistake when I went back and read it though. Everyone makes mistakes. 2. Basic communication skills? Does my comment 'not' look like BASIC COMMUNICATION skills? Hmm. Do you even know what BASIC communication skills are? If you do, then I'm sure you realize YOUR mistake now.

jazziloveberryy 3

3. What, exactly, is wrong with my GRAMMER? Are you talking about "duh", which expresses my annoyance with "idiot" people? Or was it "psst" which is a sound effect which is used in English all the time? Either way there is nothing wrong with my grammer thank you. Besides, FML is not a class, it's a website. I can use slang anytime I feel like it. I get enough of being ANAL at school, I don't feel like being so ANAL about every little word here.

you should really learn how to spell grammar, if your going to say you have good grammar.

jazziloveberryy 3

OMG! I replaced 'a' with 'e'! Call the grammar Nazi. Such a big deal.

heyy_sunshine 0

Just wanted to point out that it is -highly- unlikely that you were in AP English for three years. After you successfully complete an AP class, you take an exam to get college credit for it. Then you can't take that AP class again. However, in response to the OP: I feel your pain. I learned the hard way to always purchase the extra insurence on my phones. :)

jazziloveberryy 3

Actually at my high school. If you are smart then they keep you in AP, only for English though, so that you can be challenged. They have different levels of AP classes at my high school. They seperate it by grade level so that they are even harder for higher grade levels. You just don't have to take the AP test if you passed it the first time. It's kind of like honor classes.

heyy_sunshine 0

Its fine if you say you're in honors classes, but that's not how AP classes work. In order for it to be considered "AP" you have to get credential from the state because it counts as a college credit and there is no way a college would give you credit for Freshman - Junior English classes. Don't take it the wrong way; I'm not trying to flame you, just stating a fact. (:

Actually, in order for a class to be considered "AP" you have to get approval from the CollegeBoard company. You submit a syllabus and they approve it, and then the course is considered AP. Whether or not a college accepts it as credit depends on individual colleges, not on the state. AP classes can be at any level, not just senior year. I'm a high school AP teacher, so I've got a good idea of how the system works. Don't take it the wrong way; I'm not trying to flame you, just stating a fact. (:

I take really hot showers and listen to music on my phone, after years of doing so I have never had any problems with my phones.

wow, that sucks.... I do the same thing, but my phone has never messed up from it. Sucks for you OP!

Averizzle 0

Your picture is pretty revealing :D

Animalover 0
purplemnm 9

mines the best... it's like the don't smoke sign, but cooler

and mine is album artwork of a chick ripping her guts out. ftw.

and mine is a portion of my face... boring.

xHottierockerx 0

I love txting in the shower, only when I'm not txting I put it in between the shower curtain and the plastic curtain :]

no she isn't, I do the same shit, it never messes up.

Really? is everyone so obsessed with typing little messages on their phones that they cant take a ten minute break? Not only are you then avoiding the risk of water damage, but your actually using the time to clean yourself! yay!

you only shower for ten minutes... your water bill must be magic.

sugarbabyxoxo 2
Mariah_Mayhem 0

wtf ? I do the same thing , but my phone isnt broken... that sucks .

DogmaT_fml 4

how long where you in the shower, damn women and showers.

danman91 0

dude I take a shower with my phone. I text in the shower too and it's fine. Sucks for you tho.

Cut the umbilical cord and step away from your phone for the 10 minutes you take a shower. Trust me, it will be ok.

I've taken my phone into the bathroom plenty of times when I went to take a shower. Though, my showers are generally no longer than ten minutes. I guess it really depends on how long your shower was.