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Today, my little sister asked me to open a jar of pickles for her. I struggled a little until the lid busted open, and pickle juice poured over my pocket and the iPhone inside. My sister then sniffed the jar, made a disgusted face, and ran out. FML
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Ah, got yourself into a bit of a pickle there, didn't you?!

Ahhhh, the love of a younger sibling.


It baffles me how much people are willing to embarrass themselves just to get the first comment ...

It's kind of like the stupid things people do to get on camera. You just watch, shake your head, and wonder how they live with themselves.

I once worked with a guy who later appeared on Virgin Diaries. The pathetic things he said he did or does was just sad. True, he's a 30 year old virgin but everything else about him was false, like his "wing mom".

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Where can I get a wing mom?sounds awesome!

The 'first' comments are even MORE obnoxious when the person is the second comment. EDIT: I swear there was a number 2 comment on there that said 'First!' And I went to reply to it, but the comment magically disappeared. Janky iPhone app...

Ahhhh, the love of a younger sibling.

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What the ***** up with your profile pic?

Ah, got yourself into a bit of a pickle there, didn't you?!

Beatle Juice! Beatle Juice! Beatle Juice!

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beetlejuice* and I'm only correcting you because it is one of the best movies ever made.

Pickles... The apples most fierce predator.

Or random comments that come out of no where???

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What about pickled apples. What then?

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#11, 32, iPhones are made by Apple. This joke just flew way over your heads.

Time for a lawsuit! Vlasic's goin down!

Well, you are a great big brother for helping her out. A phone less big brother....but a great one.

Ouch! Take it to the store and maybe they can repair it?

Apple doesn't repair accidental damage. Which is just ridiculous.

So do they repair intentional damage?

Apple doesn't do anything. They pretty much tell you to buy a whole new phone if anything happens to it. Other companies do their best to keep a customer and will repair it. Derp.

I don't know what's with the apple stores where you guys live, but the one by me, if your power button on the top sticks, they'll mark it as a manufacturing defect and give you a new phone free!

If some asshole can turn a raisin back into a grape then anything is possible.

42- same here. My neighbor fell into his pool with his. When they asked him about how it broke (and they could tell it had gotten wet from that strip that changes colors) and he told them he fell in the pool, they gave him a new one free "because you're the only person that's ever been honest with us." lol

If you are not man enough, don't pretend. How did you open it, to angle the jar opening into your pocket, that's some truly amazing skill.