By NotSpiderman - 31/10/2012 17:09 - United States - Edinburg

Today, I discovered a brown recluse spider in my house. Before I could smash it, it escaped under the door. Now I'm freaked out and wearing boots and gloves, clutching at my kittens and waiting for it to appear. My dad laughs everytime he walks past. FML
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Hiimhaileypotter 52

I don't blame you. Spiders are terrifying.

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Hiimhaileypotter 52

I don't blame you. Spiders are terrifying.

Well, yes, but brown recluse spiders are especially horrible because of their venom. It doesn't end up like normal spiders' bites, but it just about completely rots the part of the body that it bit you in.

Krajjan 9

Though I'd rather have a Brown Recluse bite me than a Black Widow. While it's true that healthy adults usually don't die from Black Widow venom, it really really ******* sucks for what seems like eternity. Better to get the bite cut out and pack that bitch with some gauze. Never again will I vomit fire. Never again.

PleaseStayChill 9

Death to all of those 8-legged Hellspawn bastards. I'm going to officially vow right now that, if I ever get an opportunity to make one wish, I will wish all of those poisonous, irritating monsters will stop bothering us.. PleaseStayChill for president.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

Set the whole house on fire. It's the only way to be sure.

PleaseStayChill. If you ever got a wish the entire ecosystem would be doomed.

Ah but 40 didn't wish them out of existence, just to stop bothering us. Therefore they would live and help the ecosystem, but not touch us.

The only animals that serve no purpose on Earth are roaches. Those things were created from the depths of hell!!

kmerritt10 6

Actually roaches are scavengers and eat the flesh of dead animals helping the decaying process which also gives them many of viruses the things such as mice will feed off them and spread to these animals and will kill them off to stop over population

And a brown recluse at that! You either need to find that little bugger or move out!

I believe the pest everyone can agree on is those pesky Mosquitos..

I donno anything about spiders, but one thing that amaze me is that a girl can have hot burning wax on her thighs and get her hairs pulled from roots, without any fear. However still scared of spider and spider bite. Nice ;) lol

Oh god, OP, I would do the same thing! I hate all spiders, but I've heard those ones are like really bad... and by the way, your dad sucks! :P (no offense)

OhMinty 5

That sucks OP try to calm down if you can. Good luck

Do you know what a brown recluse's bite can do? I'd be freaked out too if I were OP.

Kahuna382000 2

The brown recluse is one of the moody dangerous spiders in the world.

All I can say is good luck getting to sleep

AGhost5445 25
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Or a total idiot. had to reply because I love your pic ;)

The term is "jackass", if we're connecting to the picture. Jeez, get it right. Jackass. Still, terrifying. I hope you brutally murdered that spider.

lissa_jade 22

yuck, don't blame you at all. and when that spider reappears, you capture it and put it in your dads underwear drawer. when you hear screaming and things breaking, you'll have your revenge.

feldco1 17

Yeah no the only spider I'm touching is a dead one and that's only when I'm absolutely sure it is.

lissa_jade 22

oh, I'm totally with you ! i didn't mean it had to be alive. plus those things are really dangerous if they bite you. just squash the crap out of it and stick it in his drawer.

4 - this would maybe be funny with a normal, essentially harmless spider, but brown recluses are bad. Its venom makes your skin rot and just waste away.

^ I love statements like that. They are based upon no scientific research but instead based upon what you read on the Internet.

70- lol, me too. All those things appeal to the "omg das so scarry" kind of person. "My momma always said, stupid is as stupid does."

No-one is saying those pictures are fake, however, that does not make their venom the equal of rattle snake and black widow combined...which is what you stated. You also stated that they (brown recluse) are not aggressive, which is true in the case that they will not actively seek you out to bite you. While they will not hunt you, they will bite and run if you get anywhere near them, then you can add your own pics to those already abundant on the web. Pun intended.

Edit: I was beaten to the punch. Thanks Homie. Oh and 101. It would be Potency not "Strongness"...

JayBear14 11

There more likely to even run first instead of bite. Theres tons of them down at this wood warehouse i used to go to. I've been bit plenty of times, and there really isn't much to worry about it you get them taken care of. Then again i was told once that the venom does effect people differently, kind of like bee stings. Some people have different reactions to the venom.

chell1894 13

Smart idea.. If op wants to kill their dad..

chell1894 13

They truly do not bite often. The only times they ever bite is when someone physically touches them (usually accidentally) they try to stay far away from humans. Now banana spiders those little bastards are aggressive and very deadly. I learned that through animal planet.. Not the Internet

jamescrazy96 17

You know that's a deadly spider, right?

Do you even know what a bite from one of those spiders does to you? I bet if you did you wouldn't be telling someone to basically give their dad a spider bite.

Chill out, it's a brown recluse. You'll never see that ****** again.

Those things are pretty darn scary... Just saying

TheRealRCP 0

No shit. And if you knew anything about the spiders, you realize that they kinda like to be left alone. Hence my comment.

Link5794 18

Also hence the word "recluse" being in their name.

I was thinking the same thing. Spiders aren't really scary and usually only bite when actually touched. I guess you wouldn't want the cats playing with them, but I wouldn't worry much. Just kill it if you see it.

Brown recluse spiders are pretty bad. A few years ago someone who lived near me was bitten and died. I would probably do the same OP.

Granted, she was pretty old and didn't have the strongest immune system.

Krajjan 9

Yeah. Generally non-fatal, though sometimes quite excruciating. Usual worst case scenario is having to have the bite excised to prevent necrosis. She could have let it go long enough to become gangrenous?

Don't worry OP. I wouldn't even be in the house if it were me.

Your dad should help you look. Those little bastards can cause deadly infections

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Are you saying parents like to attempt to poison their children? I think not Noor.