By Anonymous - 13/2/2015 16:36 - United States - Colorado Springs
Today, my "best friend" stole almost $1,000 worth of electronics and video games from my roommates and me, just so he could pawn them off and buy himself a new car stereo. FML
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By  makkarari  |  18

Go take his car stereo and sell it to buy yourselves new video games etc that he stole from you. Then kick him out. Or if you have proof he did it, go to the police.

  Sideshowray94  |  8

"Can I get one kidney please..." "Certainly sir. Can I also offer you some guns or internet passwords... No? I'll chuck in a sample pack of this new drug *winks* it's on the house mate!" This is how I imagine every black market exchange to be like haha.