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Today, I was roasting marshmallows around a campfire when mine burst into flames. I instinctively shook the stick to get it to go out. The flaming marshmallow then catapulted straight into my eye, burning my whole eyelid. FML
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Blow, man, blow! Always blow other wise you risk losing the marshmallow!

YDI. Marshmallows are delicious after they catch fire and you should feel bad for not already knowing this, but the only way to put out the fire is to simply blow on it. It should be fairly obvious from the very start what would happen if you shook it.


Ja, it seems you have made ze grammar mistake. Here ve have the misuse of "your" instead of the proper "you're". You must learn to use ze grammar properly, ja. Heil Grammar!

1) Using proper grammar on the Internet shows people that you have intelligence. 2) You Forgot the? At the end of your sentence.

#25 I don't have to justify myself to Internet folk.

If you want to show your ignorance, go right ahead.

#41. I don't care about my grammar/intelligence for people over the net. At least I had the decency to ask if she/he was okay. Lol

If you look at the way you constructed your sentence, you didn't. For one there's no question mark and secondly you just said you hoped their 'alright'... Then you didn't finish your sentence so if we were to go along with grammar rules, we have no idea what you're saying. Just saying. :)

Shortay123 14

Only one thing that brings your argument down, 56. You used the wrong form of their. You meant *they're alright. Since everyone else is being a grammar nazi, I figured I should join the fun when I was presented with a ripe opportunity :P

How refreshing it is to be surrounded by fellow grammar nazis.

And to answer your lack of a questions because ? Is so hard to type... No they're probably not okay he must have had a fire flashback. ( similar to the hound in game of throne! Anyone?) Then he flailed the stick wildly in the air and launching a gooey flaming marshmallow into his eyelid. You'd burn yourself trying to remove the marshmallow! Goo every where, and he was probably with friend so yeah how embarrassing is that... I laughed pretty hard when I read this story. I mean the imagery is just hysterical! ...poor dumb OP couldn't just blow...

43 - You obviously care A LOT about what we Internet people have to say if you keep trying to defend yourself.

63, I used it the right way for my explanation because if you look at the first comment she said 'your' instead of 'you are' so she was hoping their alright was something... not if they are okay. :)

Shortay123 14

Ah! Very ingenious. I didn't even realize it. Thanks for clarifying (:

No problem 111 :) I apologise if I came off a bit nasty in that response! :)

I can't believe this went on for so long. Like all the comments. Wtf? You lot mustn't have much else to do.

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This isn't twitter either, so stop hash tagging. You just aren't having a good day, are you?

#126 sorry had to use a hash tag to reply to you..

and just to piss off the "grammar Nazis" -- calling yourself a grammar Nazi is incorrect. its actually a grammatical Nazi. oh the joy.

I may be a bit late, but everyone is wrong and right. Horse face may not be the best grammatical typer, but everyone makes mistakes. I will probably make a mistake in here too. This isn't twitter, stop using hash tags. My point made.

who cares about eyelashes when there was a freaking hot marshmellow in his eye?

"Eyelid" would imply it hit the outside. Hence the focus of my concern.

Shortay123 14

I would be more concerned about how he is going to deal with a burnt and swollen eyelid, if I were to choose something to be concerned about. Eyelashes grow back (mostly). But a burnt eyelid... That's got to be painful. Especially since its something that constantly moves involuntarily. I guess he'll just wear a patch, but I hope there is no permanent damage or scarring for his sake.

Wearing a patch is pirate-esque. Which is awesome.

Shortay123 14

Touché my good sir. Touché.

But can you imagine trying to get it off! It's hot and sticky probably oozing hot goo everywhere! That would be the worst part.

Shortay123 14

That is a perfect that's what she said. Getting it off is so hot and sticky because of the goo it oozes everywhere ;P

There's so many jokes to make for this ex. Your obviously doing it wrong your supposed to blow it for a while, then shove it in your mouth and suck off the hot gooey remains.

Karalela44 15

What were we talking about again?

RocketNinjaFish 12

When we do this, the very first thing we are told is not to shake it. But that still really sucks, OP. I hope it didn't do too much damage.

Or you shake side to side, so it hits someone else if it flies off. Collateral damage. Ha!

Shortay123 14

Or you could just blow it out. As I would assume most people would do.

everyone knows you don't shake marshmallows that are on fire !! always turns into a disaster . gosh did you not watch Dennis the Menace as a child . sheesh .

I know! Haven't they ever seen Dennis the Menace the movie??? Same thing happens at the end to poor mr. Wilson.

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just roll around. you'll be alright.

Well, I guess you've seen the light on why playing with fire isn't cool :)

MrClean17 15

I wouldn't call making a s'more playing with fire

Haha seen the light. As in fire to eyeball :)

YDI. Marshmallows are delicious after they catch fire and you should feel bad for not already knowing this, but the only way to put out the fire is to simply blow on it. It should be fairly obvious from the very start what would happen if you shook it.

I have to disagree. Marshmallows are better golden brown.

I agree with 5- marshmallows are epic when burnt. I like to catch mine on fire, wait a few seconds and then blow it out... Cause then you can peel off the burnt shell and nom it, wait till the middle cools and nom that gooey goodness. This FML makes me want to go camping again!

Burn them, take off the gooey burnt bits, eat them, then put the really gooey part back in the fire to really get that well done....(or golden, but just burning it is so much easier. And if the burnt bits aren't what you like...then you've got a really gooey marshmallow after taking off the husk.)

Liking them burnt or not, this is totally YDI. You blow them out and you're lucky you didn't get it worse, like it landing in your hair, or someone else's.

Blow, man, blow! Always blow other wise you risk losing the marshmallow!

grammarcheck 2

Sorry, you lost me at "always blow"

If you have to beg like that, you're definitely not getting blown.

Good to know im not the only one who took this the dirty way. ;)

Well, you must've shook it towards your face, try sideways. Dumbass.

It was probably a freak accident, dumbass.

People use the term "Accident" to reduce the blame on themselves, it was still OP's fault because they didn't use common sense, it may have been a freak incident but OP is an idiot. 'The marshmellow caught fire, so I shook it at my face' Clearly some people are alot more stupid than I previously thought.

OP deserved it because everyone knows that when you roast marshmallows and it catches on fire, you blow it out. Plus it's common sense.

Eye see what you did there. Seriously though, I hope everything is OK.