By Anonymous - 25/05/2013 22:47 - United States

Today, my parents decided that since summer is almost here, it's a great opportunity to start having nude barbecues. I found this out after walking out into the backyard, hoping to sun myself a little, only to see the living nightmare that is my parents' naked bodies. FML
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incognito1520 20

You saw it. You can't unsee it.

and they didn't invite you? honestly, some people can be so rude.


incognito1520 20

You saw it. You can't unsee it.

Yeah, besides, he will be seeing the same thing in 20 years when he looks in the mirror!

You went hoping to sun a little and ended up finding the moon, BAM Grimm strikes again

Yikes! Not the kind of sausage you were expecting to find when you smelt the BBQ

K410 18

The only burn worse than a sun burn is a memory burn ._.

Only the dead know peace from OP's pain.

jojimugo 20

Their house, unfortunately their rules

And how often exactly has that happened to you?

Wealthyparrot 9

My parents walk around nude occasionally, but they have the decency to warn us ahead of time when/where the'll be naked.

SystemofaBlink41 27

Running won't erase that horrible image.

And if they chase after him? Forget about it! Oh wait, you can't because it's an even worse imagine than them placidly barbecuing

Trisha_aus 15

He can run all the way here to Aus, no summer or naked bodies for now.

MichellinMan 20

#38 No, but running your head into a wall might.

Nakedness and proximity to a hot grill - your parents are livin' wild.

I know, I would be scared I'd burn myself!

RedPillSucks 31

Or put the wrong sausage on the bun

Nudists: Expressing more than a middle school girl on Facebook.

and they didn't invite you? honestly, some people can be so rude.

I'm instantly reminded of the nudist family from family guy.

Yeah, when Meg went out with their son. Thanks for reminding the girls of FML that Meg has had more dates than them.

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AmberDarkness 8

10- Wow, you're actually extremely rude. Every time I try to start going on FML again, I see a sour grapes comment like yours and remember why I stopped. Grow up, learn some manners, and leave your snarky comments at the door.

Oh noes, a snarky comment? Poor baby :( FML doesn't cater specifically to your needs, and some of us enjoy the snarky comments more than the usual boring ones. Don't like them? You said it yourself, just leave FML.

89- Finding joy in rude comments sounds like a personal problem with your self esteem, so I won't delve into that one... You remind me of those people from highschool. Not the bullies, but the ones who stand around and laugh with the bullies. Not driven enough to be the bully, but insecure enough to egg the bully on...But, anyways, I really do wish you luck getting through life with that state of mind.

lighten up cartoon kitty. I just left another FML with people crying about their dead pets, all this negativity is harshing my mellow

im starting to get scared of FML, yet im greatful my family is only semi insane..

Don't be afraid of FML; be terrified of the grammar nazis. Speaking of which... I'm* Grateful*

i get the grateful, but im too lazy for apostrophes.

Is your shift key broken as well? It's become a sad world when one is too lazy to press an extra key so as to make a sentence better.

pwnman 33

Grateful shouldn't have been capitalized, as well as you could have corrected him saying - "Here is a better sentence to improve your sentence: I'm starting to get scared of FML, yet I'm grateful my family is going semi-insane...

#32: I'm not in the habit of changing commenters' posts. Substituting "going" for "only" seems honest, but a bit unnecessary, in my opinion. Also, if I really wish to nitpick, I would have to say that you are missing quotation marks. As for "Grateful", my phone automatically capitalized without me noticing.

Watch out- grilling next to shrubbery can be dangerous.

They didn't invite me? I am so much fun at nude barbecues!

SmittyJA24 26

Same here. The wife & I will be glad to attend!