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Today, while at hospital with a broken arm, I was asked to raise my hand onto the x-ray machine. I told the nurse I couldn't move it without extreme pain. She told me to suck it up, picked up my arm, and dropped it on the machine. I could feel the bone completely separate. FML
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mackmackey tells us more.

hey OP here, thanks to many of you for suggesting a lawsuit, I'll consider it! Btw, it was at an urgent care and not a real hospital

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What. The. Hell. I sincerely hope you reported her.

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File a complaint with the hospital and lawsuit with the courts!!!


What. The. Hell. I sincerely hope you reported her.

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how in the hell could anyone actually vote YDI for this? wow

I think the same thing about most YDIs too.

#13 to be unique and go against what everyone else says. even if they don't think that.

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I've voted YDI by accident a few times :(

#18 Um you have a neck brace in your picture. Should we say you deserve it? :)

#37 The picture shows Tourettes guy, a person on youtube. It's not a picture of the poster.

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Still, no need to be such a dick.

18 was being sarcastic, come on folks! Maybe everyone should mark sentences that are sarcastic so we don't have so many panties in a twist.

I tried marking my comment as sarcastic with the 'eyes'...but that still wasn't enough. Lots of panties are now twisted. Maybe it's laundry day?

you don't know OP broke it himself. maybe he was in a car wreck, basketball incident, got pushed onto the ground by young punks! you never know! but not everyone with a broken arm got it from being stupid and jumping off the garage.

At the moment you have successfully offended 106 teenie boppers and lower percentiles TourettesGuy. Do you want what's behind door number two or the "mystery" suit case?

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i sometimes click it on accident, especially when im on mobile.

20 its ok because if you havent noticed, you can vote YDI and FML! :D although its not really voting FML because it gets nullified, atleast it balances out

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File a complaint with the hospital and lawsuit with the courts!!!

Wow, somebody said "SUE!" and I agreed with them, well this is a first...

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She acted unprofessionally and caused op a significant amount of unnecessary pain as well as a brutal injury (bone disconnect). more than enough for a lawsuit. She at the very least deserves to be fired on the spot.

the first rule of medicine is "above all; do no harm". speaks for itself in this instance

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The bones being completely separated means that they have to be painfully reset, it also increases the chances of it not healing properly, having to be broken again, then getting yet another cast. Suing the nurse would cover the cost of the the bone being set as well as any future medical bills. Hope this helps.

Yeah, I for once agree as well. I don't like it when people want to sue the makers of ice cube machines because they falsely advertised it as 'cubes' instead of 'discs'... But in this scenario, it's perfectly plausible to at least sue for medical reimbursement! That woman had absolutely no bedside manner, and to be honest, would cause a lot of people not to go when they really do have too, for fear of the personnel! I've had a doctor bitch at me (for good purpose) because I broke my ankle and waited two days to go in because I honestly thought I just sprained it. But if it was her I was looking forward too, I'd of not gone at all.

Normally, I'm not sue happy, but this is ridiculous. Report her and contact a lawyer, OP.

@#109 Suppose you have a barely working shattered iPhone. One day, before you had the chance to get it fixed, I lift it up & drop it one foot above concrete. Then it completely stop working..... Can you still claim that I didn't break your phone? It was only one foot above the ground right? No. Your phone was working before, but my actions caused unnecessary and avoidable damage. Now YOU have to suffer the extra hassle because of what I did. Same story with OP's nurse. OP's arm was in pretty bad condition but had the potential to heal. Except OP's nurse caused unnecessary and avoidable damage which OP now has to suffer through. Lawsuit it is!

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#49 But she did more damage than there already was.

#48 no but she took a broken arm and made it worse.

#140- no, apparently you'll be the asshole who is going to think he's right, even when you're really just going out of your way to be a douche..

@#140 You know, the point did a backflip and smacked you square in the face, but you STILL missed it. I'm done trying to explain obvious things to oblivious people.

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I smell Injury lawyers 4 U, working hard, so you don't have to! Apparently they give you 100% compensation, impressive.

Oh for crying out loud, I said bacon and eggs!!

But dad! I wanted doughnuts! I smell some from the neighbor's house!

Ofcourse you do! Always when it happens in USA :)

Ouch! I hope you screamed in pain and maybe got them fired or at least suspended for that!

fired? suspended? I think jail might be more like it! AT THE VERY LEAST loss of license. not to mention the monetary compensation I'd expect op to receive...

51 - The nurse is being paid to help people who are in pain. She caused a huge amount of completely unnecessary pain in addition to what OP was already feeling because she was in a bad mood or something. Seeking compensation for that on OP's part is completely reasonable.

Broken bones are much more fragile than a healthy, strong bone in it's proper place. If anything, she further damaged his already broken arm. Medical malpractice is a sue-able offense, stop commenting everywhere that you think it's not. The law is the law, ********.

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Sure hope that nurse gets a taste of her own medicine. Good luck OP. hope you get better.

I know the fml says nurse but the people who perform the x-rays aren't nurses. They're radiographers or x-ray techs. Either way, completely not how a patient should be treated

DKjazz 20

For those who may have missed it, he just said "A taste of her own medicine". This has been a punblic service announcement.

She didn't have to twist your arm!! That's so insensitive! I understand your pain (I've had to endure some painful X-rays for broken bones myself) but she definitely should have been more caring and compassionate and not cause you any more unnecessary pain!! It's bad enough as it is!

She didn't twist the arm. She just wasn't gentle with the broken limb

That's why they have medical mal practice insurance. Not saying sue everyone but this deserves it for sure.

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Punch her in the face and say "suck it up". let her feel her jaw separate. With the good arm of course.

Personally, I'd go for the ovaries. Right in the baby maker.

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"so then it was just me and the nurse alone in the xray room and i seperated her baby maker with my good arm."

flockz 19

"then she dropped my bone on her face so i told her to suck it up."

I'm a student nurse and I was just researching nursing malpractices. All the stories are appalling. I hope not to be like that one day.

I applaud your desire to be a good nurse, but that wasn't a nurse; that was a Rad Tech.

It's an extremely common misconception I see for people/patients to generalize almost any female in the medical profession as a "nurse". Frustrating for those of us in the medical field, because different job titles delineate different training and a completely different scope of practice. There are phlebotomists, Rad techs, CNAs, LVNs, RNs, FNPs, RDs, PTs, etc, and often the general public uses the term loosely, blaming us for things not in our scope of practice or even giving us undue credit that a different specialist deserved.