By brodinn - 11/04/2014 13:48 - United States - Florence

Today, I watched a drunk guy getting thrown out of a bar, then get tased on the sidewalk outside. He was our designated driver. FML
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If you're the kind of person who drinks even though you know your friends are depending on you as a DD, maybe you deserve to get tasered a little bit.


What if they spent all their money on beer? And how are they gonna get the car back home?

Or they can find another designated driver.

Drive back tommorow to get the car, find an ATM Machine to get the money

Not all towns have convenient taxi services

19, again they might have already spent all their money. even if an atm is near by their isn't a magical "I owe you" button with most banks. they dont send you more cash past what is in your account...

If your spending all your money in your account on beer. Then god help you

They could have other bills and not be able to afford the ridiculously expensive taxi

Unfortunately 37 there are millions of people in the USA, let alone the rest of the world that struggle making ends meet and work all the time. Every one needs to have some fun once in a while and 20-40 bucks could be spent on one outing every 6 or more months if they get the funds together. It's not ideal but just the way it is.

-40 That's true, but considering it's a group they can all chip in for the taxi service.

I don't know about you, but in Illinois it's 7k for a DUI after everything is said an done. If you can't afford a taxi cause you spent it all on beer, you need to rethink your priorities. A taxi through my town is 12 bucks. You best be damn sure ill pay 12$ over 7k. Driving drunk is stupid and destroys lives.

#31, you realize that's exactly what credit is, right? A magical "I owe you" button to the bank?

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38, if they have other bills and they can't afford to get a taxi, then they wouldn't be wasting their money at a bar, most likely. So, I'm guessing they can afford the cost of a taxi, if they even have taxis in their town.

it's not their fault the DD is not supposed to drink if they don't have the funds for the taxi it's because they didn't plan on taking one.

54 you do realize credit isn't a right. not everyone can get credit cards, small loans, or mortgages due to no credit history or bad credit


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#47 you must have an small town then cause 12 bucks will only get you 5 miles here.

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Whoops, too late to edit. Even then 100 bucks an hour for a taxi is fairly expensive.

At first, I got the impression that the drunk guy was the taxi driver xD

Depends on where the bar is. Some bars around where I am have no taxis anywhere close to them.

Depending on how far the walk is, a drunken walk home with friends can be the best part of a night! My friends and I always do this.. we stop by a takeaway restaurant usually and get ourselves 'drunk food' (anything high in carbs that's fried) Never walk home alone though regardless of whether you're male or female it's just dangerous.

Whoa whoa.. calm down and go back to middle school.

And that's how you get a public intox and spend the night in jail. One of my coworkers had that happen to him walking across the street from a bar to his taxi.

Doesn't matter, he was already drunk. Not much of a designated driver then

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Maybe he misunderstood. Maybe you asjed him to be your DD and he thought you meant designated drinker.

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That's what I assume :) I'd agree to be designated drinker anyway lol

When bars give free drinks to dds they don't mean alcholic ones.

If you're the kind of person who drinks even though you know your friends are depending on you as a DD, maybe you deserve to get tasered a little bit.

I agree. I would tase him myself, if I carried a taser that is. Scything might be a little too harsh in this case. Maybe.

Meh apparently he has a death wish abyway

You guys didn't make sure he wasn't drinking? That's the one requirement of a designated driver..

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Drunk people aren't the best at keeping others sober.

the one requirement of the designated driver is for themselves to ensure they do not drink, not for others to check up on them to make sure they arent drinking.

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Tase-ignated and not to mention inebriated, hail down a cab.

Meh looks like it'll be a long walk home for you.....