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  Sanch101  |  18

I decided to get healthy and now am suffering from terrible sciatica and a potential bulging disc which may need surgery. Healthy is not always healthy :(

  Calyx_fml  |  17

You know, I'm actually getting tired of the "At least..." replies. Every single FML has a dozen people saying "At least blah de blah de blah blah". Can we kill this boring meme once and for all? It should be on Doc Bastard's list.

  Jiplo  |  17

"at least" is a meme? I thought people were just saying stuff that could've happened that are worse to try cheer up the OP. My whole life is a lie!!!!

  ihategrammar  |  30

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  perdix  |  30

#25, that's a trick question! The OP doesn't stand -- he's got a broken ankle! It's funny how many people took the bait until I figured it out.

  Epsilonyx  |  29

Who knows? Life is full of secrets... Update: someone ate my leftover cinnamon sticks. I do not know what the universe wants from me. I can't ride my bike, but I can't eat my damn cinnamon sticks. Is it torturing me? Making sure I keep quiet? It's too soon to tell. Will keep my journal close.

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