By Anonymous - / Friday 29 May 2009 04:08 / United States
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By  redbluegreen  |  40

You shouldn't be blasting any kind of music unless you're prepared to deal with the consequences. That really sucks though. Did you get their licence plate number?

By  anglcdvl89  |  0

Yay for new colored leather seats? O.o Really though, that sucks so bad. I hope you got their license plate number. Report some ish on their car. Road rage, hit and run...whatever, man. Karma's a bitch.

By  Hazimius  |  0

Loudly playing music in public space is disrespectful and annoying. They just didn't deal with it very well. YDI though.

  JackStone96  |  4

@#9 Classic Rock can't compare to nu-metal, hard rock, and screamo!!!!! lol classic rock isn't that bad but I do prefer nu-metal, hard rock, and screamo! haha

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