By alltimelove - 18/11/2010 15:34

Today, I was at a pet store cuddling an apparently overaggressive chinchilla when it decided to bite me and run out of my hands. It is now nowhere to be found and I have to pay for it. FML
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sallen0046 4

Why would you cuddle any animal in a pet store? You don't "cuddle" any animal that has had absolutely no time to bond with you, especially a pet store animal that isn't used to being handled. Chinchillas are rodents, and like most rodents, they need to chew constantly to keep their teeth ground down. It's a natural behavior, not an overly aggressive one. It's your own fault for messing with any animal that has not been conditioned to being handled by humans.

Dude, that sucks. Chinchillas are expensive.


that sucks... and swallows

i'm guessing you were the little kid that used to hug puppies so tight they'd "go to sleep".... YDI. i'm glad this little guy got away.

they are known for biting. I agree on the not paying part unless they had a sign saying not to pick it up.

'Overly aggressive' YDI fool

0opsie 6

YDI. YDI. YDI. You probably opened the cage yourself and grabbed it with none of the staff around. They wouldn't make you pay if it bit you while you were being supervised, for fear of a lawsuit. Just because it looks sweet and fuzzy doesn't mean it won't get scared and bite you.

Its her fault, Chins aren't aggressive and she agitated it.

mcgonagle 0

you don't know that. most commercial pet stores lock their animal cages.

Ydi. Chin's aren't usually aggressive unless they are being hurt or the person "cuddling" them is aggressive. Fyl too, cause they aren't cheap.

Now you know not to hug them.

ChubbyCake 5

Why swallow? Some people spit it out. JS

true. some people blow bubbles. that's talent

it sure is ^

Charlotte is 15 and blows bubbles.

kids these days

Dude, that sucks. Chinchillas are expensive.

...and delicious. Wait, what?

"hey cheif does this look like a chinchilla to you?" *laughter* "I don't get it?" "they think I'm Mexican" lol.. ah.. I love that movie..

C6Racer 0

You're not Mexican? lmao

Hopefully you find it before the cats do.

That's what happens when you hug a Chinchilla.

tweetbaby14 18

what are you talking about? I hug my chinchillas all the time, and they don't bite me or run away.

either you've had them for a long time and they don't care because its you, or you know how to hug them without them feeling cornered. OP probably did the Whole I'ma love him and pet him and squeeze him bit.

No, I agree with 23. even when I first got my chinchilla and he was a baby, he never bit me when I'd cuddle him or just run away. Chinchillas are not like that and don't usually bite.

Overly aggressive? That's what Chinchilla do ... nothing overly anything about it. YDI

...chinchillas rarely bite

mickeyds25 1

And now you know why you don't pick up the animals at a pet store especially those in cages you a stupid.

Yeah, it's not like they don't have signs all over the place asking you not to open the cages without an assistant.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Most pet stores have locks on their animal cages though, don't they? And all the chinchillas I've ever seen or been around have been pretty aggressive and prone to biting.

Amber_Bear 0

That would really suck. And people are stupid for being mean about it. You didn't know it was going to do that.

I don't know how it is there, but here, you aren't allowed to cuddle the animals in a pet store. Maybe this has his reasons, who knows...