By future MIL slasher - 23/09/2012 21:05 - United States - Rindge

Today, I was driving home on the highway with my wife and her parents. As I overtook another car, a rock got kicked up into our windshield. My wife screamed about the crack it created, while my mother-in-law goaded her on and mocked my "piss-poor driving." FML
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I'm guessing that's why OP put it on this site

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You sir, are not too legit to quit.

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55 - Aaah anyone would freak out at that happening, more out of shock than real anger. And mother-in-laws are just bitches (sometimes

I totally read it as future milk sister :D

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I read it as his MIL better straighten up, or she will end up with concrete shoes.

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Uh... Isn't it "Nationwide is on your side"?

In laws (insert history channel meme here)

Wait... you mean the ancient aliens guy meme?

You know the truth, that is what counts.

Sorry OP. That only cracked the surface of your in-laws..

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Maybe you're thinking of poor-piss, which is what your doctor calls your urine sample when it turns out to be black.

42- I don't know if I should laugh at that, or just slap you in the spleen. Decisions decisions.

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When in doubt, slap the spleen.

Well now you know where your wife got her bitchiness from. Sorry OP, berating a significant other so harshly in front of others like that is completely uncalled for and uncivilized.

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Yep, unless OP stops it now, I see years of misery in his future.