By nakcba - 15/02/2011 10:21

Today, I was in my car and stopped at a red light. A homeless woman then started to throw rocks at my car for no apparent reason. I drive a convertible. FML
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Shouldve ran the bitch over, if it was possible.

That last sentence may be the reason.


Shouldve ran the bitch over, if it was possible.

or at least throw a rock back. nail that bitch in the face.

lmao. damn that sucks

Lol OP ur an idiot she is pissed because ur ass is in a convertible and she is living off of pennies.

Why would you wanna get shit on your nice car?

Pick up the rocks and throw them back at her!

Omg, that sucks =(

Convert your car! Convert it now! xD

Girls don't know how to throw. I'm pretty sure you were fine.

homeless woman == girl

gee thats sexist :p

I could break ur ugly ass face with my throw!

That last sentence may be the reason.

That's what I was thinking.

wot a dog. ^^

Cunt punt that hoeee :)

Woah, you're beautiful, and have the mouth of a trucker. I think I'm in love.

hahahahah awww

allard get laid for god sake.

sparkelstar69 Are you seriously setting on the toilet resting your arm on the tp holder taking your pic? lol. That is an original profile pic there. : )

classy right? ;) haha


Throw the damn rocks back.

Shes doing it all wrong. You're supposed to ask for money then throw rocks.

exactly. First of all, beg. If you got lucky and someone gave you money, then you can be angry and throw rocks. Baby steps