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Today, I learned the hard way that taking a 20 mile bike ride with my boyfriend's family the day after losing my virginity is the worst decision ever. FML
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When is taking a 20 miles bike ride not a bad decision?

"somebody likes it rough"


apet214 10

Hehehe nice. Well at least it wasn't 50...

how did you "loosen" your virginity

It's really easy, you just kinda stretch it out, to where it's almost gone but not quite to the breaking point... Or think of it like this. Hot dog down a hallway.

The FML team fixed it. Yay?

LiveLaughFML 10

wut? I wouldn't take a 20 mile bike ride ever. FYL OP for agreeing.

LiveLaughFML 10


# 5 you answer that question....hahaha

You must have taken it in the ass.

# 64, you must have never experienced a girl who's recently lost her virginity. It hurts like son of a bitch to sit after that.

97: I was just being an ass. I remember my girlfriend afterwards, I was paranoid to do her the next time lol. She said the first few times hurt like hell.

Jaimegirl 7

Wow...I'm sort of afraid to lose mine now...haha

gunmania0 12

115 - you look flexible, I wouldn't worry about it.

115 yes be very afraid 117 Ha

Sweetcupcakes123 6

Doesn't hurt really.. Guess it depends on the person.. And the sex! ?

JuggaletteKlown 0

Losing mine didn't hurt at all.(not during or afterwards) that's weird?o:

Depends on how big the dude is. Mine hurt like a mofo

gunmania0 12

My penis is extremely large, that's why my girlfriend almost bled to death.

@115: Don't be lol. Every body is different. For some people it doesn't hurt at all, for some it's unbearable, for some it hurts a little bit.

some_shit 0

I think it has a lot to do with the size. my gf was "out of service" for 2 weeks

Maybe you didnt have a hymen or it wasnt broken or torn yet

@187 Was it really necessary to use the adjective "extremely"? Sounds like an overcompensation...

gunmania0 12

Well obviously my comment was a joke, everyone was intimidated by the masculinity of my comment.

Jrt55 3

You are really pretty jamiegirl

Um nope pretty sure it says losing


ChuckNorrisBeard 0

Troll'n ?

He/she meant hymen. Look it up

Please be joking. You're a girl... you should know he meant hymen.

Lol o I see what you did there

A7X_LoVeee 10

Was I the only one who burst out laughing after reading 33's response?

prince122 0

maybe she's not a girl.

would have made more sense without the star at the end

deliciouscake 3

If you didn't get 33's comment, you're not smart enough for FML, which is pretty sad.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Oh please explain it then.

of course i know lol !!! it was just a link idk hehhe

umm, no. hymen.

no you dont understand, my point was not to correct his/her answer, and i didn't mean to put a star at the end to correct hymen to amen. the point was just that the 2 words were alike so i wanted it to look like hymen was the prayer, amen... anyways all that was a huge missunderstanding...

Dodie_zilla 0

Talk about uncomfortable!

AJlol92 4

quien carajo le manda

"somebody likes it rough"

Actually it hurts after a girl gets some the first time. I only know this because I actually listen to my gitrlfriend.

jeanaj 0

Yeah, it hurts for about a day afterward. Then it gets better after a few times.

rambrose 0

Not all girls are born with a hymen so it doesn't hurt all girls their first time. I would know.

jeanaj 0

Well, apparently OP had a hymen.

jeanaj 0

132- that's true ^^

JuggaletteKlown 0

132; Mine didn't hurt, and I know I had hymen.(My ******-doctor informed me I had one:D) losing my virginity didn't hurt at all. Just bled. So I think it depends.. Or maybe I just couldn't feel the pain? 0.o or liked it and didn't notice?.. Yeah I don't know.d:

iluffhimm 0

Or maybe his dick was that small :D

iluffhimm 0

Or maybe his dick was that small :D

talb1 7

Or maybe your partner had a small pp.

"my ****** doctor" lmao

graceinsheepwear 33

pp? grow up or get off.

When is taking a 20 miles bike ride not a bad decision?

reallytho3 11

Good point...

I did it yesterday and feel great. I don't have torn tissue in my nonexistent ****** though.

Nothing wrong with exercise. I do 20 miles quite often on my mountain bike. It feels great and it provides a nice sense of accomplishment.

yeseniaaa 2

#6 FTW

I go on lots of 20 mile bike rides on my Trek

My Great-uncle takes one everyday. No joke.

this has the most thumbs ups ever

Lol. Best comment I've ever seen on here.

storm1217 5

Only if your a giant lipid cell

It sounds like something my best friends family would do.

Pop acouple of zanex and take a few beers

Makes me glad I'm a guy

Ryan88USMC 0


LOSE not LOOSE!! God dammit Internet, every single time!!

1221jamw 11

Hey, Didi, how come if you're FML staff you have four submissions rejected? Lol.

You know your a boss when people cant rate your comments :P

*loser. Lol jk

neonblue120 6

We should be able to read unconfured fmls. Just to see what people posted.

65 - That wasn't ******* funny.

It's still loser not looser because looser is the opposite of tighter -.- gosh

Say you have leg cramps and excuse yourself. It shouldn't be that hard to back down.

20 mile bike ride after a rough night? Someone didn't think that through very well

glutgyoogle 6

Uhm I'm pretty sure that's exactly what she said in the FML?

properbostonian 5

How would she gave planned for that if she didn't know how it would feel the first time?

The best part about being a guy, we dont feel a thing :)

KendalKeller 3

Id like to give you a rough night ;)

RebekahBrooke 9

You think?

Pretty sure they know now

kenjames 4

She didn't apparently.

Pretty sure this comment would not have half the amount of likes if it weren't for creepy pedophiles on FML creeping good looking girls. Just saying.

Bossman11 6

Says the guy with his shirt off^

michigander17777 0

hahahaha 150^^

arrowshockey18 2

Yourrr hottt ;)