By anonymous / Saturday 13 August 2011 06:58 / United States
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By  apet214  |  10

Hehehe nice. Well at least it wasn't 50...

  Keyman1212  |  14

It's really easy, you just kinda stretch it out, to where it's almost gone but not quite to the breaking point... Or think of it like this. Hot dog down a hallway.

  seanders  |  10

97: I was just being an ass. I remember my girlfriend afterwards, I was paranoid to do her the next time lol. She said the first few times hurt like hell.

  jabee8  |  0


  jabee8  |  0

no you dont understand, my point was not to correct his/her answer, and i didn't mean to put a star at the end to correct hymen to amen. the point was just that the 2 words were alike so i wanted it to look like hymen was the prayer, amen... anyways all that was a huge missunderstanding...


132; Mine didn't hurt, and I know I had hymen.(My vagina-doctor informed me I had one:D) losing my virginity didn't hurt at all. Just bled. So I think it depends..
Or maybe I just couldn't feel the pain? 0.o or liked it and didn't notice?.. Yeah I don't know.d:

  KendalKeller  |  3

Id like to give you a rough night ;)