By badass - 13/08/2011 07:25 - United States

Today, I started to fall in love with my wife again. We are in the middle of a divorce. FML
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try winning her back, if she's comfortable with you though or if she wants to be with you..


This FML actually makes me kinda sad....

I sense a sticky situation coming on...

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I feel bad for him.

This is actually sweet somehow. :') maybe now, in the midst of all this chaos, he sees her as the girl he fell in love with back then. It's time like this where both party will just tense down a little as they're in the process of divorce. But it's also the time where they re-discover each other. But then again, if the reason for divorce is unforgivable, just move on. But maybe, if you guys reconcile, you'll appreciate each other better. (gosh I talk alot :( )

I understand. I just filed divorce papers yesterday. I've never wanted to hold my wife so bad.

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You don't truly know what you have until it's gone (or almost anyhow)

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So true 38./:

Getting back together with an ex almost never works. You forget all the reasons you wanted to separate, and all the things you don't like about the person, and only remember the good things and good times you've had together. When you get back together, you just remember, 'oh I remember why I hated you!', etc. It just doesn't work most of the time.

11, the sticky situation's will have to be with his left hand

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i respect your opinion, but having a divorce when you have kids isnt being selfish. what if you're not in a happy or healthy relationship with your spouse? it's better to have a divorce then to stay with them. it will also be nicer for your kids, so they can grow up in a better environment then one with maybe: fighting, alcohol, ect. ect.

48, that's not necessarily true. There's always going to be the bad things in every relationship. What I'm trying to say is it won't just be the 'ex couples getting back together' which will have bad things existing, it's every relationship, and yet there are plenty of healthy, thriving ones out there.

this reminds me of 17 again

I didn't mean to hit the thumbs down one.

Wow, that's pretty bad timing OP. I mean, I know you didn't plan on falling back in love with your wife, sometimes shit just happens and when it comes to love, you have no control. Just follow your heart and hopefully things will work out for you both.


Awww poor OP

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Why do you have a picture of Andrea Russett as your picture? Why can't you use your own?!

20- only selfish people expect people to stay together when there is nothing there. Two people shouldn't be together just because they have kids together..they need to be together because the truly love and care for each other. If those emotions aren't there than it's just going to lead to a very bad and unhappy situation for everyone.

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that sucks

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Anyone else thinking Admiral Ackbar? "IT'S A TRAP"

84-if I could thumbs up that more than once I would!

Aweh, OP, I feel really bad for you :( but it could still work out, heck, it happens in the movies!

20- What a stupid and ignorant thing to say . . .

Dude! Your pouring it on more than the original fml to which your commenting on. I feel bad for you guys though.

That's what I call a shituation

How is it selfish to get a divorce? It's selfish to tell 2 people to stay together and be unhappy when the love is long gone. My parents divorced when I was in 5th grade and it never negatively affected me. I never really even cared to be honest. Parents have a right to be happy just as their children do. Both of my parents have gotten into happier situations and changed for the better. It feels a lot better being in a genuinely happy family rather than one obviously faking a smile through the years. My parents aren't selfish for wanting a better situation for themselves and their family.

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20- it looks like people did judge. and staying together just for the kids is admirable, but not necessarily the right thing because it will be worse all around if you try to prolong it rather than just end it and move on.

Agreed. I grew up in a household where domestic violence was rampant =( I wish they just split up.

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50 i agree. my parents are divorcing and i dont blame them. for years i could tell that they lost whatever they had when they got married. it is sad though because my sister is barely a teen and i am... its hard

20- are you ******* serious?! Have you ever been a child of divorcing parents. Yea, blah blah, it sucks that you don't live with both at the same time. But that's a hell of a lot better than being woken up throughout the night by constant yelling and fighting, then crying yourself back to sleep

Life isn't a feel-good romantic ******* comedy.

claim for half of her possessions and money, then remarry her.

What's the point? If he gets back with her again then she gets the stuff back anyway

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that's the point..

See if she feels the same way

try winning her back, if she's comfortable with you though or if she wants to be with you..

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This is actually a life check. Obviously you two are doing something wrong in your relationship. This is your second chance!!

Little too late there buddy.

Assess if that's for the long term or just because you're rehashing the early years of your marriage (when it wasn't so bad). Who knows?

agree with 4 here. this may just be remorse that you are losing a large part of your life. take some time before everything is finalized otherwise you may end up repeating the situation all over again

maybe she'll start to feel the same?...

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Lol probably wont

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Bunch of sappy love birds on this site. Wonder why half of all marriages end in divorce?

It's all in your head, Mr. Tweedy.

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it's like that saying, you don't know what you've got till it's gone..

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it's not that u didnt know what you had. you knew what you had, u just never thought it'd b gone

24 did they pave paradise and put up a parking lot??

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That seriously sucks...but hey...maybe she feels the same way??

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^^lol... but seriously, if they were that bad in their relationship that theyre getting a divorce, it's probably gonna come up again

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damn looking good Rebkah ;)

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You are looking back at the good times. Remember why the divorce is happening and look forward to your new life.

Exactly. Too much bad water had passed under that bridge if they're in the middle of a divorce, and had not resolved issues before now. Plus, OP might just be nuts...

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Worst advise ever!

Yeah, I agree with patrickalamo. If there is a divorce I'm not sure if you have a future together..

Tell her how you're feeling...maybe she feels the same

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Unlikely, most women don't give up on a marriage till it's completely over.