It's lit.

By Amy - 13/01/2018 08:30 - Hong Kong

Today, I went to a corporate event and lit my hair on fire in front of everyone due to an unfortunately-placed candle on the bar. FML
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sumocj 14

I bet you looked hot

I hope the song "She's on Fire" wasn't playing.


I hope the song "She's on Fire" wasn't playing.

09051308288 17

Literally, you are the new Girl on Fire.

sumocj 14

I bet you looked hot

Don't be so superficial. What about her warm personality?

She can brighten a whole room.

You need a vacation — your burnt out!

So, you're a red head, eh? That's hot.

They say that if you work too much, you are likely to burn out.

Bet the party was really lit...I’m sorry I had to...hope that can be covered up until it’s evened out

Someone was not paying attention

So corporate event: light hair on fire. Social event: light clothes on fire?

Are you in the US? If so, you could probably successfully sue the party planner or whoever was responsible for putting the candle there. Negligence, emotional and physical damage, etc. probably good for $75k at least!