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  sukaaa  |  0

you were eating out your brother in law?!?! and you said you cant finish he said finish or your walkin home?!?! eww that gives me the hibitybajibies.

  TahoeFMler  |  22

Nice! Was in IV from 96 until last year, then came to Seoul for a few years with the army. parents and in laws are still in IV. Jealous of that snow storm yesterday!

  Chandy_fml  |  2

Restaurants need to actually make portions meal-sized instead of 2 or 3 meal-sized, then. If you only order one plate of food and they give you enough that you could live off of it for 2 or 3 days, it's not your fault but theirs. As long as you save the food to eat over the next few days, at least. It's what I have to do at most restaurants because they give you an insane amount of food. I'm not fat enough that I can eat more than 600 calories or so in a single sitting, and that's the upper limit. 400 is usually enough for a single meal.

  redbluegreen  |  40

I was thinking more along the lines of the people that order a starter, soup or salad, and drink lots of soda before they actually get their meal. I've had friends who will fill up before their entrée gets to the table, and when it does, they eat maybe four bites before they say they're full. I agree that the proportions and calories you get at restaurants are too much, but to completely waste what someone else is paying for can be quite an insult.

  catlady4eva  |  9

I agree. I also hate the ones that are super skinny, say that they're so hungry they could eat a horse, has two bites of their meal and say they're full and then complain that they're "fat."

  skorpien  |  1

26, my best guess at "what's been done" is the reference to God and one of the Seven Deadly Sins. At least I think it was a reference to Gluttony. Gluteny is something only a person with celiac disease would have to worry about.