By Anonymous - 03/08/2012 22:50 - Mexico - Villahermosa

Today, I had the crap beaten out of me by a woman in the street, who accused me of sleeping with her husband. I still don't know who she or her husband are, and I'm still a virgin. FML
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toowie_fml 20

Bitches be crazy..

Well since you've already been beat up, might as well find the husband and sleep with him.


Wow that's something you don't see everyday only in movies I see that. Just wow

toowie_fml 20

Bitches be crazy..

reallytho3 11

Hoes gone be hoes

hahasooo 2

Agreed with both comments.

craaaazy bitch O.o

Slightly besides the point, but I've never really understood people who take out their anger with the person their partner cheated on them with, instead of their partner..

lelo007 11

#35, if the "other person" knows of the relationship they are wrecking, I find it completely understandable to be angry at the "helper." But when they are unaware the adulterer is in a relationship, then I agree, the anger should not be taken out on them.

iHeartRKO 5

44- well that will get you nowhere, especially if they both deny. She could say she never knew but in reality she did. Which in that case if you have suspicions and you don't like the girl I'd beat her ass. Op obviously didn't deserve it

62- your icon is fucking creepy

She should be beating up her husband , because at the end of the day he decided to put that dick in. Doesn't matter if the girl he cheated with was a slut or had no idea

Doesnt matter had se- oh wait...

Idk why OP says she's still a virgin, because it seems like she got screwed over pretty badly...

Yeah, true... she got fucked in public.

cactasaurus 7

You should have beat the crap out of her, too. Don't take her shit, OP.

I'm sure op would have fought back if she could

I don't believe violence is a solution but in this case it's self defense so I agree

This is Mexico. For all you know OP's assaulter could of been a masked wrestler.

I could just imagine a Mexican woman in her accent say "you sleep with my husband!"

28- LOL thanks for the laugh at ops misery.

iHeartRKO 5

Nachoooo libre

"Walk away from the fight" Dumb... Fights are consensual. This was battery or assault. If a person charges at you without warning, and beat you to pulp... How the hell is walking away an option.

AntonioE 0

Hey :)

No your not

Well since you've already been beat up, might as well find the husband and sleep with him.

Why would she do that? So she can be beaten up again? That's such a bright idea!

It's called sarcasm, Duh.

Why do sarcasm it just makes comment stupid

Oh I TOTALLY agree, Lexi. Sarcasm completely RUINS every comment around it. Except yours. Yours are awesome, like unbelievably awesome, I'm so jealous.

Awwww thank you pervert on FML

She might get beaten up again then.

momolee 4

Lose your virginity to a random guy since you've been already beaten up.

That's good to say you're still a virgin (although I don't know your age). So many girls lose it before they get out of middle school. Sadly, this is my generation. I would have owned up to it anyway. Piss that bitch off even more. She beat you up even when you didn't do it.

There is nothing wrong with not being a virgin... Having sex isn't bad, having sex irresponsibly is.. IE no protection or birth control.

There is nothing wrong with not being a virgin... Having sex isn't bad, having sex irresponsibly is.. IE no protection or birth control.

Well, I'm 20 and I will be 21 this year and I am still one, partially from religious choice and partially from personal. It's amazing on how many guys don't stick around long when you want to wait for after marriage. x)

Excuse me 6, but why is my baby picture your profile pic?

77- You were just the cutest baby. I had to use it.

._. Mom? (>^~^)> They said you wouldn't come back! Chipmunks only take care of their young for a week, they said!

Were you dressed in a questionable manner? Also, I do hope the you got to a place for help to press charges and to clean yourself up.

dominic1221 6

Oh, was she "dressed in questionable manner"? Really? Fuck off with that crap.

I think what 8 was trying to ask if OP was wearing her, "I banged your husband" shirt... If that's the case then she was clearly asking for trouble.

Fight back, stand up for yourself!

I mean I wouldn't know but I can only imagine how angry/upset that woman was so that her fighting skills boosted up to a black belt ninja's and the OP was probably helpless even if she tried.

Still doing something is better than nothing

Are u a girl or boy

I'm guessing you didn't notice that it shows ops a girl in top left corner

Hmm... I don't know. I sure wish there was an icon right next to the FML to tell us.

Damn, 18 beat me to it. :p

Well at least you know for next time to not ask that question because #19 and #18 told you how you find out.

15) Op's a hermaphrodite. Fucks with your head, doesn't it?

mhopper 13

She should be beating the crap out of her husband, not you! Hope you find her and press charges.

Exactly. It takes two to cheat.