By madgf - 30/01/2010 20:55 - France

Today, my boyfriend convinced me to skip school with him. His mom came home early. I had to hide in his closet and wait 6 hours for her to go to her book club meeting. FML
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boyfriends who get you to do bad things aren't good boyfriends.

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I bet it felt really good finally coming out of the closet. (:


boyfriends who get you to do bad things aren't good boyfriends.

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=( It would've been better if he was w/ you in the closet.

Owch. Just be glad she decided the book was worth going to the meeting for. I would like to remind you school is important. Christ i sound like my harpy of a mother. Fuck school go to a rave and get wasted! Peace out x

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Sweet perdix has commented with his sense of wit ive grown to love. Now we wait for twinkle :) peace ouuuut x

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wow that must have been a pain!

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#4 I would like to be with you in a closet. winkwink

that kinda sucks.

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Haha! 6 hours.. Were you naked? That would suck even harder.

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Did you meet R Kelly in there?

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What about me? I always get left out of those comments :(

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it's cuz no one knows you perdix and twinkle are famous :)

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hahahaha that sucks.

Today, some ugly bitch stood inside me for 6 hours and would not leave. FML

#1 nailed it. You need to find a better boyfriend.

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fuckk yea! raving all the way :D

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Missing one day isn't that bad, and if your boyfriend is at least 16 his mom usually is open to girlfriend's being there, though maybe a little pissed off at first, it's better than sitting in a fucking closet for 6 I don't understand how this is an FML, it seems like a YDI for trying to hide in the first place.

I wonder why you couldn't just jump out the window while she wasn't in the room (this has happened to me before)

second story perhaps?

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2nd story isnt too bad.... you can easily jump off that and not get hurt..... worst most people could get is a sprain or a bruise....

I've had this exact thing happen to me before, fortunately not for six hours though!

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yeah!! maybe you shouldn't have skipped!!! there goes ur education! if I miss one day, I miss the equivalent of two days! Maybe even three!! And yes I am in highschool!

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DanceGirl- Okay, so at your school you miss more than average by missing a day. However, that average that you miss two or three times as much as, is the average for a reason. There's no reason to suspect they they don't go to an average school. Besides that, I went to an advanced high school too, and on more than one occasion missed an entire week of school at a time, and still it didn't ruin my education. Even if the OP did miss the equivalent of 3 days, I doubt it would ruin them.

DanceGirl: Were all the exclamation points necessary? I also highly doubt that missing one day of school is going to destroy someone's life; otherwise people would be utterly screwed whenever they got too sick to go to school.

#1 is the best first comment ever. And an awesome point.

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Ajjas, i know that girls arent hott at your age, but wait until they fill out to decide that you would rather be with men. I believe that you would thank me for this advice later. But if you decide, later, that you like men then go for it.

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No that's not it, she just looks creepy :S I'm not gay and don't plan on being gay.

this sounds oddly familiar :/ re-post

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Just because something like this happened before, doesn't mean this one's fake

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Not too bad...

have you ever spent 6 hours in a dark, small closet? it sucks

6 hours?? she stayed in his room for six hours??

You must not be very sneaky if you couldn't figure a way out in 6 hours. You deserve what you got.

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I bet it felt really good finally coming out of the closet. (:

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his mom wasn't in his room but in the house. she had to wait til she left the house.

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by house she ment one bedroom apartment...

double win to your pic

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#93 epic win on profile pic

This is a MLIA

why do good girls like bad boys?

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opposites attract, in some cases

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I wouldn't exactly call someone skipping one day of school a "bad boy" and there isn't any evidence that they skip often.....

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if thats not a bad boy then i don't know what the fuck is?

hahaha sucks to be you