By Anonymous - 14/12/2010 05:10 - Canada

Today, I learned that you can be qualified for a position, be a nice person and enthusiastic about working, but as soon as the boss has a relative looking for a job, nepotism wins. FML
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a good bj is greater than a degree aswell. I should know it's how I got to executive vice president without any qualifications.

this is pretty common crap man. :/ life is never fair.

happens all the time, don't feel too bad (:

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it's really hard to find a job in this economy..?

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4- I fear for future generations if you ever copulate.

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so do i. I mean look at him he's a ******* zombie!

25, you my sir win!!!. HEY everyone, 25's comment made me laugh. Go read it and stuff.

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So it goes. That's how I got my job at The Dana :D No... not really.. it was all my stepmom.

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At least you admit it, and hey! You inspired an FML. Be proud! :)

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Haha well I didn't push anyone out of a job... I don't think I did anyway. It's just easier when youve got the hook up.

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Exactly. OP needs connections like you. :) ...And possibly a lesson about how life isn't fair.

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Especially in this economy unfortunately.

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True story. Take what you can get!

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Nepetism is like the '72 dolphins, it always wins...

don't be so naive. it's always been who you know and not what you know.