By Anonymous - 14/12/2010 05:10 - Canada

Today, I learned that you can be qualified for a position, be a nice person and enthusiastic about working, but as soon as the boss has a relative looking for a job, nepotism wins. FML
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3 Words. Fuck. Your. Life.

this isn't new news.


3 Words. Fuck. Your. Life.

crackk. hurt. butt.

"theres an app for that"

and this is new how?

a good bj is greater than a degree aswell. I should know it's how I got to executive vice president without any qualifications.

omg... it's the executive bathroom!

Welcome to executive bathroom island.

this is pretty common crap man. :/ life is never fair.

happens all the time, don't feel too bad (:

so get another job

it's really hard to find a job in this economy..?

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4- I fear for future generations if you ever copulate.

so do i. I mean look at him he's a fucking zombie!

25, you my sir win!!!. HEY everyone, 25's comment made me laugh. Go read it and stuff.

Yep. Who your mom sleeps with is always a big deal.

lol amen.

this isn't new news.

So it goes. That's how I got my job at The Dana :D No... not really.. it was all my stepmom.

At least you admit it, and hey! You inspired an FML. Be proud! :)

Haha well I didn't push anyone out of a job... I don't think I did anyway. It's just easier when youve got the hook up.

Exactly. OP needs connections like you. :) ...And possibly a lesson about how life isn't fair.

Especially in this economy unfortunately.

True story. Take what you can get!

Better luck next time?

Nepetism is like the '72 dolphins, it always wins...

don't be so naive. it's always been who you know and not what you know.