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  airforce987  |  20

It's not illegal to "discriminate" people on their appearance. Are you saying people who show up to an interview looking like a homeless person should be considered purely on their resume? Or people with tattoos all over their face? It's actually completely understandable and a responsible practice that a hiring company uses appearance as a gauge for potential employees. It works the other way around too, a tattoo parlor may not want an employee who doesn't have a single tattoo. It all depends on what job you are going for. Dress, look, and act the part.

  kerstileann  |  26

at my old job they hired you not only for your resume but also for your apperance. i worked at a grocery store and they only hired 1. people qualified and 2. friendly looking people. you wouldnt want an someone who looks like an axe murderer or a hooker bagging your apples right?

  interesting33  |  36

Apparently it is not illegal as such but is dangerous because the employer must be careful they aren't discriminating because of a protected category like race, age or disability or sex.