By Anonymous - 28/07/2015 18:55 - United States - San Francisco

Today, while in a hotel, I left the room to get some ice. Since my parents left the door wedged open, I didn't worry about trying to find the room number. Without thinking, I walked in to another room that was also wedged open. Yes, there were people in it, and yes, they were both naked and hairy. FML
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JMichael 25

Housekeeping. I get involved?

Hammer1722 19

What a hairy situation you find yourself in!


Unlucky. Next time try and remember just in case.

Yup, it's certainly just unfortunate. From one point of view, I feel like OP slightly deserved it, because it was a bit careless to not take the two seconds necessary to memorize the room number. In my experience, it's not all that unusual to see hotel doors propped open, so I wouldn't count on using that as a sign to locate my room. Still not a YDI from me though, because it was such a strange situation. OP, I hope they were not angry or indignant towards you!

#6 I would imagine drinking bleach would hurt

JMichael 25

Housekeeping. I get involved?

Housekeeping, I stay and watch? I clean?

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I would have pretended to be room service and offered them the ice haha. It would have definitely cooled down the situation a smidgen.

A room service worker without a uniform on? Sounds like how a lot of..."movies" start if you know what I mean.

Hammer1722 19

What a hairy situation you find yourself in!

That's why I find hotel rooms to be gross...

Not quite sure how this would pertain to hotel rooms being gross..

Or in general staying in a room where an untold amount of people have had sex on any given surface.

#22 That's pretty much what being into a world that has had billions of horny humans on it for tens of thousands of years is like.

#15 - Don't visit planet of the apes, those guys have us looking like naked mole rats.

19990231 29

Am I the only one why people are naked in the hotel room with the door open (even if it is only a little)?

19990231 29

Because the third person said that they'll be right bacl

MakeItStopWtf 12

I just pictured the third naked person wandering, hopelessly lost, around the hotel.

Frillwee95 12

Maybe that third person walked into op's room...

Imagine Today, me and my partner, both of us are hairy, were naked in our hotel room. Turns out we accidentally left the door wedged open and a teenager walked in. Fml

leogachi 15

@11 The fact that they are hairy would be irrelevant to that FML. Also, that makes them seem like idiots. Who doesn't notice the door being wedged open?

Hairy is important. Hairy is always important. and who said they were idgits? Forgetful and dumb do not share cabs all the time.