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Today, I found out that a coworker and I may get laid off soon, all because my boss's niece told him she can do both our jobs all by herself, and for less money. FML
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Let her try, see how it turns out hah, they'll be crying for you back


Let her try, see how it turns out hah, they'll be crying for you back

If your boss is stupid enough to buy into their niece's BS. Let them lay you off. Once the niece flops, your boss will feel pretty stupid. And will have lost 2 pretty good employees in the process. Good luck OP.

And op can even ask for a higher pay than before

If there's an HR department, go talk to them. The fact that you found out means that somebody is talking about it so you have a good case if HR does an investigation. Even though it sounds good, your boss is also an idiot if he let's his niece do two people's job for less pay. Once she finally sees that two people are actually needed for the positions, she'll quit.

There's a big reason to go to HR. I'll be damned if I don't even try to keep a job I earned because someone tries to maneuver her way in because her uncle is the boss.

Don't be condescending. I understand how employment works, been employed for years. And yes, if you get fired for no apparent reason other than, "I'm paying my niece less so she can do two people's job," you have every right to go to HR. I don't know where you work, but my HR department has to approve every hiring and firing. So if the boss was to fire these two people, he might have to go through HR to do so.

One time in Elementary school, I made a company selling origami, and I even had some employees. Then a guy came along and told them they can do the same job, but they get all the money. His company immediately burned to the ground, and I was unemployed with all my hard work, gone. I know how it feels, OP.

Yes because a so called company in elementary school totally relates to op situation.

I think they were trying to be funny. Too bad the joke still bombed.

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It's nice of her to think that but you have to remember that you can't mix work with family! The niece will get overwhelmed one day and then remember she's not getting paid nearly enough for two jobs and it'll back fire on the boss. If he/she is smart they'll know that and keep you both.

It's up to your boss to do the right thing: give her a gold star, a pat on the back, and an ol' "That a girl!" before continuing to employ you and your coworker, never bringing this up again.

My coworker and I. Nonetheless file complaints at every level of management and higher up. Research acceptable reasons of being fired then be prepared and throw the law in their face.

Ohio is an at-will employment state. So long as the company isn't violating federal or state law, they can lay off whoever they want without reason or for absurd reasons. They just can't list the absurd reason on the official paperwork (they have to simply leave the "reason" field blank). So there is no legal recourse for OP here.

If she really can do both your jobs, then YDI. Everyone saying 'he's losing two great workers' and 'she'll find out she can't do the work', you know this how?

I'm sorry, but how does your statement make sense? How do they deserve to be replaced just because one person may be an overachiever? The fact that this girl may be able to do both jobs doesn't necessarily mean that OP and their friend are bad at their jobs. They may not be trying very hard, or this girl may be an unusually hard worker. You don't know, either.