By Bummed - 12/06/2016 19:44

Today, I found out that after interviewing for two jobs at great companies, I was neck and neck with one other person for each position. They both offered the job to the other person. FML
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Hopefully whichever position they don't take will then be offered to you, as the obvious second choice.


That really sucks OP. You should go back there and ask if you did anything wrong.

Seems like you're doing well so far. Keep at it OP, things will work out!

Hopefully whichever position they don't take will then be offered to you, as the obvious second choice.

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Uhh, it wasn't the same person applying for both jobs.

If it was the same person then OP should be happy. Finding a good job is temporary. But finding an arch-enemy is for life.

I think he may mean that at each position, there was another different person who got the job, so no jobs left :(

i thought the same thing as #5 at first, and was wondering why it was an FML since it seemed like an easy fix. Thanks for the clarification.

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it doesn't feel good to be a pity vote

Don't sweat it, keep grinding and you'll get your shot OP

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Maybe you can contact the companies and ask them if your competitor rejected their offer (in a professional way), if they would consider you for the offer. And if they do accept you, I know it would suck thinking you are a second choice but once you get working you can do your best and show them what they would have missed out on!

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That truly sucks, OP. But if you were neck and neck with the other guy, the job he doesn't choose, you should at least have the other job option...

you misunderstood. 2 different interviews. 2 different people filled the jobs. op was passed up on both

I hate to tell you, but you were probably not neck and neck with another person. HR typically says that to everyone just to make you feel better in case it doesn't work with the other applicants.

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Isn't it possible that someone was more qualified then you that was interviewing for those jobs. If this is your First time trying to get a job then you need to understand that sometime your going to have to go on many job interviews before you get a job. Good luck with the job search and don't be afraid to ask why they didn't hire you.