By Weathersucks - 17/01/2010 05:13 - France

Today, I was on my way to meet the girl I like at the beach. I parked my truck and walked to the restaurant where I was supposed to meet her. She wasn't there so I called her and she told me she cancelled because it started raining. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. FML
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Even if she wasn't such a shitty liar, she's still a bitch to "cancel" on you without, y'know, informing you.

I think you should take the subtle hint...


I think you should take the subtle hint...

No, I mean you have to realize that it can rain in certain areas while other areas are clear. Did you know that at any given moment, it's both day AND night on earth? It's possible for one place to be one way, and the other another way. Give it one more try, and if it happens again, or if she declines ("Oh, I don't know if I'll be free this week...") then ya, you were right.

and the acceptance bar for an FML just fell a little bit lower

Even if she wasn't such a shitty liar, she's still a bitch to "cancel" on you without, y'know, informing you.

what a bitch!

she gave u a hint saying: fuck off

Wouldn't the right hint be turning down the date? Not agreeing to it just to cancel?

YDI for having a truck

Yeah dude, seriously... Who the hell drives around a truck.

11 do mounted campers count as trucks? because i use it during long business involved drives. they are good if you dont want to be in a hotel.

localised shower. you'd be surprised.

awww that really sucks... well maybe u can be optimistic and think that there was a rain cloud following her around.... plus why would she lie about something that u can obviously tell isn't true.. unless she's dumb as a rock or French...

Fuck you. I'm French, dickwadd.

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Maybe it was raining... in her mouth. >:] nyuck nyuck nyuck

you're at the beach... forget that bitch, go find two better ones have an amazing time... take pictures an send them to her

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How do you know it wasn't raining over her house? I look at the weather channel all the time, and it's surprising how it can show rain just 5 miles from my house while it's sunny looking out the window. Give her another chance. She might've not been lying.

Yeah. I've never seen snow and a couple suburbs away it was actually miraculously snowing.

So what - does rain prevent her from going to the restaurant? Or does it prevent her from calling him and telling him she doesn't want to go? Even if it was raining she's still a bitch.

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Maybe it's a thunderstorm and a high chance of a tornado.

#13, um yeah...they're going to the beach so I'd say that's the perfect time to cancel because of rain. Granted she should have called.

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He said he meet her at the beach, and they were suppose to meet at a restraunt, with (most likely) a roof.