By MsConfusedd - 01/09/2012 04:30 - United States - Hazlet

Today, I learned that my 76 year-old great aunt likes to swim naked, even when I have friends over. FML
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That's the definition of "confidence" right there! Well, it's either that or "not giving a flying ****". I get the two confused sometimes.


You two could meet up at the wrinkle room.

She's pretty a very literal term.

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My thought is on if OP had to assist her in swimming, you know so she doesn't drown.

17 - wouldn't she be more well done than raw? Hehe

That is wrong and why does she think it is ok?

Only here in Jersey would something like this happen.

76 years of life experience. That truly is beautiful

76- Oh god I didn't see the Jersey thing at first damn I hope I don't run into Op and his/her great aunt o.o

Look on the bright side... Can't possibly get more awkward now.

Probably would be more awkward if OP caught her and one of OP friends having sex...

Stop. You're putting awful images in my head!

Old aunt could have some of her skinny dipping friends over. That would be more awkward right?

Haha sorry 27, I just needed to state that it could get much, much more awkward

The aunt also coulda been like 90 years old with boobs that touch the floor and she might have wanted op to rub some lotion on em so they don't up lookin like fried eggs. Dude, it can always get more awkward lol

What if the uncle also liked to swim naked? And so did all the other relatives.... Can't unsee any of that..

That's pretty gross. Really nothing else can describe it.

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Let her have her fun. You should know by now that angry old people make for a lot of hell on your part.

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They really don't, haha. My grandmother always keeps the door to the bathroom wide open when she takes a bath...

Well.. I suppose by that age, you really don't need to give a shit about much- YOLO? ;)

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35- I was going to thumb you up but then I saw YOLO....

What's with people that say YOLO... Did you guys you think you lived twice or some shit before Drake started saying it???

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At 76 she's earned the right to not give a damn. And the right to seem just a lil off. But still. Offer her an iron when she gets out? Here come the down votes :)

I gave a thumbs up.. Why you ask? I'm insane.

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Her house, her pool, her birthday suit!

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12 That's all you got out of this FML?

Hey idk about where you live, but it's averaging 100 degrees here. A pool sounds really awesome right now.

"it's 100 degrees out here and if it gets any warmer I'm gonna kick your ass."