By TheyObjectToTheUnholyUnion - 29/01/2016 12:51 - United States - Rochester

Today, I received yet another letter from a relative bitching me out for not involving my parents in my wedding. The parents who showed no interest in our relationship and then yelled at my fiancé and me when we announced it to them, calling us stupid, naive, heathens, and mentally ill. FML
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Did your parents really expect to be invited after that? They might be your parents but doesn't mean you have to accept that behavior at your wedding.


Starshrek 11

If they wanted to be involved, don't be dicks about it

By their actions they didn't want to be involved

No one should have to suffer people who aren't supportive of their relationship on their wedding day.

Starshrek 11

To make sure things are clear, I was talking about the parents being dicks.

It is kind of written like you're telling OP not to be a dick, but it makes sense once it's explained.

YourOpinionSucks 22

Sounds like some relatives want to be uninvited.

jessenia123 27

they are just jeleous op don't worry

cprad11 12

I don't think they're jealous. It seems like they're just being malicious and unsupportive of the OP.

Nonexistentguy 7

Your parents may be suffering from bitchiness syndrome, they need to see a doctor now before it's too late

Maybe try explaining the situation to your relatives? It wouldn't be good to start your marriage on a bad foot with your family.

If they were close to those family members, they would know already. It just sounds like extended family sticking their noses where it doesn't belong.

In support of 13's comment, most of the time that's pretty much all extended family is good for.

thebigslim 13

People still send letters in this day and age?

cprad11 12

It could have been part of the RSVP card. Just a note attached to their response. Those are still usually sent through the mail.

Did your parents really expect to be invited after that? They might be your parents but doesn't mean you have to accept that behavior at your wedding.

TweetAnne 13

So glad you found your significant other. You two can elope or just go down to the court and get married. The only thing you need is each other. Everyone else is just extra or unnecessary.

Goblin182 26

Why should they elope just because Op's parents are assholes? They should have the wedding they want and anyone in OP's family that doesn't want to be there can stay the F___ away.

I'm sorry it's going so badly for you with your family. Weddings are meant to be about bringing two people who love each other together with their family and friends, but sometimes people manage to make it all about themselves. Sadly sometimes emotional events bring out the selfishness and insecurities in people instead of their more caring qualities. I Hope you'll manage to patch things up with your parents without any long festering resentments, but don't feel obliged to if you're not ready, and I hope it doesn't overshadow your wedding for you!