By snorlax - 20/01/2010 00:03 - United States

Today, as I walked into my class, someone shouted at me, "Wild Snorlax Appeared! Use Your Ultra Balls!", since I am overweight and everyone in class laughed at me. I got made fun of by Pokémon nerds. FML
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Pokemón Nerd used TAUNT. It's super effective!

moonmask 0

But the original 151 were badass! The new ones are starting to suck.


DanielleTheOne 3

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dudeitsdanny 9

EXACTLY! Don't mess with us, Snorlax. I have a masterball and lean cuisine!

PunxsatownyPhil 0

Yeah, watchchoself.

riku3220 2

Psh. Snorlax. They must've been one of those "ZOMG POKEMON IS SO AWESOME BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS PLAYING IT" kids back in RBY. If they were still in with Pokemon then they'd have said Wailord, the biggest Pokemon in the game.

moonmask 0

But the original 151 were badass! The new ones are starting to suck.

Yeah, they just happen to still enjoy a great game without worrying about how old it is or whether it is still "cool".

dudeitsdanny 9

I hate the new Pokemon, but have very often said i'd sell my soul for a boxset with every episode ever before Misty left

Just work out during the summer and come back normal weight. Then buy some pokeballs and throw them at the bitch's face

lol that musta been hilarious!!! I wish I was there to laugh at you =3

Prettyfaceee 0

Awh :/ in 3rd grade, this mean kid gave me a valentine card with Snorlax on it and he drew a little bubble that said my name. I cried.

dudeitsdanny 9

Third graders are evil =( But, in all honesty, I would have laughed at that in 3rd grade.. At least you have a pretty face that you're proud of? =)

HamsteronA 0

maybe he liked pokemon and thought it would be cute

ryguy997 0

pokemon is a retarded fantasy world of odd creatures fighting and doing other retarded stuff. how can a ball put on a machine heal things that coul not fit in a ball in the first place??? I mean really. an why can't you see the scars and bruises if the battles? so unrealistic.

guys, i hae no idea what anything that your talking about means. so mahbe this persom doesnt play pokemon amd called them nerds for calling him fat.

your picture pretty much melted my face off. Tokio Hotel for life

uhhh ill sell you one I have a lot (living in japan ftw!!!!)

everyone here are such faggoty nerds omg lol

Third Generation and under Poke(accent)mon are the best. Fourth Generarion onwards suck. Infernape is an anorexic flaming monkey version of Blaziken.

sashalynn 0

Jiggly-Puff!!!!!! <3

180 I agree

fakeaccountX 6

Fuck Ultra Balls. They never worked for me. Timer Balls are where it's at.

Megan36 3

That sounds like something I would randomly shout out :) agreed pokemon ppl are not nerds that's proven because I nerd but I don't like pokemon ;(

Megan36 3

btw the true definition of nerds is smartz ppl. :)Now dorks.........

180 I thought they were okay

WTSchool 0

Why didn't they say Master Ball? I found Sborlax pretty hard to catch, and would've preferred a Master Ball over my 572,037 wasted Ultra Balls. seriously though, FYL OP. ): I'm sorry, that's mean.

xXT9Xx 0

Ikr, Ash is probably smoking weed before the show and thats why his name is Ash

95- Quit being such a nostalgiatard. The new Pokemon are awesome!

Nerds are cool though..

ecko_7672 0

ahaha first again:D but dude thats fucked up, i hate it wen ppl get picked on cuz of their features

remy_xi 0

You aren't first, unless you meant first grade. Spell correctly. There is no such word as "cuz" and your grammar is fucking atrocious. Your mother likely smelled of semen and it's entirely possible your father's never worked a day in his life, though if they have children with false accomplishments such as being "FIRST!" on a website made for telling the world how terrible your life is, I can see why they'd become depressed and morale would fail. @OP: Lose some weight. Also, Pokemon is amazing.

Pokemon nerds always have some smart-ass comment to make... Lol, thats the conclusion I've reached from this FML. Go tame your Charizard and jump off a cliff! Lol.

You, good sir, get one WIN

your_mother 0

ok mister grammar nazi.

beccaishereyay 11

oh my god remy shut the hell up. god your so annoying. I hate people like you who think they're so high and mighty. your mother likely fucked up when she tried to abort you. you likely have no friends. your likely alone and ugly. die

6, shut the fuck up, it's an fml comment no one gives a shit if he uses bad grammer or spells something wrong

dude who the fuck cares about grammar? I know people like you in real life wo obsesive compulsively correct anything that seems in the slightest incorrect. It makes them feel better about their nonexistent lives.

163 - You slightly over did it there. I see where you're coming from, Remy went over the bar, but if they actually died, we wouldn't be able to look at them and go "What are you some kind of a moron?" and nit feel guilty.

bettyc4 26

Notice how the uneducated/ignorant/ childish users troll on the only educated guy..."die"? Really? Take your own advice and stop corrupting our gene pool with idiocy. Time to go play in traffic kiddies ^.^

Ur fucking dumb

mischiefkel 17

213- your comment matches your picture! :D

You my friend, are a stone cold asshole

ecko_7672 0

nooo, im not first :(

good, but I still think you should kill yourself.

beccaishereyay 11

sucks hoe

minidinosaurgoes 9

wtf 44?? dont go around telling people to f***ing kill themselves!!

they're just encouraging you to go to the gym and run your fatass off

or get some badges XD

omgcookeys 15

snorlax probably got more excercise in pokemon battles than than the poster did in his/her life. &gt;.&gt;

DanielleTheOne.. your soooo right.

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Pokemón Nerd used TAUNT. It's super effective!

Epic win #9

dudeitsdanny 9

I love you. Lmao. I read this while playing a Crystal hack online

Your comment is far more funny than the FML itself.

LOL great comment! 

iEmily 0

Pokemon was only good back in the 90's when there was 150/151 Pokemon. Now it's just shit and impossible to "Catch 'Em All". Also, lose some weight OP.

Nostalgia faggotry at it's finest.

carnage1106 0

fuck yes

brianfantana32 10

Yeah, I hate genwhores

fuck ultra balls... we're going to need a master ball for this one! jk OP. that really sucks dude

namhowell 6

People should work out to stay healthy, not because of being made fun of. I'm do sick of people saying "YDI for being fat." How is being fat deserved to be dealing with jerks?

Thank you.

YDI for being fat.

Well said!