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  sannabuke  |  1

look don't complain to this person about their attitudes dumbasses, if I recall this is a site called fuck my life, if u don't want attitude then well your pretty much on the wrong site!

  Nena713  |  0

Fyl! My boyfriend has an app for that. He keeps playing it in my ears to annoy me. When I'm watching soccer on tv the noise doesn't annoy me because Ive gotten used to it. But it's a different story when you're actually at a soccer game.

  bates123  |  7

79 yes they have been at matches for ages, but they are only plastic horns! vuvuzelas are bigger, louder, and there are more of them. and they are also a huge part of football culture in south africa. I trust you've never actually heard on up close

  Anaxes  |  5

Buy an Annoy-O-Tron, problem solved. Fight annoyingly loud noises with annoying noises that you can't trace.

That or you can steal the horn while he's out and bury it in the yard somewhere or just take it somewhere far away and leave it.

  Anaxes  |  5

Or you could just tamper with it.

All these vuvuzelas seem to be made out of a material known as plastic. If you apply a magnifying glass correctly, you can heat it to a stage where it is easily moulded into different shapes. Simply "Weld" the end shut. A soldering iron will have the same effect.

  FattySock  |  1

Ignoring the spelling and grammar errors, I'm not really sure how the vuvu can possibly have been popular since the 70 when it was only officially invented in 94, and mass produced in 2001?

p.s. Anyone that doesn't know what a vuvuzela is, I have one word for you - Google.

  spinarium  |  2

daym, the girl in the illus looks hot. and the illustration itself looks nice.
months after the world cup, and i still feel some hatred for the vuvuzela

  egamage  |  0

If you've heard a vuvuzela you'd understand why this is a FML.
I live in SA where vuvzela's gets used ALOT. I HATE those damn things... so annoying.

  wanijima  |  0

Because Googling things from FML that you don't know about won't end up scarring you for life.

I generally just wait until someone explains it to other people. Saved me from Googling 'goatse' in the past, thank god.

By  averagepurson  |  2

it won't work anymore if you lick the front thing and hold the button down cuz it'll jam the darn thing and the spit will dry instantly.

I had the same problem but it's not bad anymore.

  tbonea1990  |  0

I feel sorry for u but i prank my lil bro by putting soap on his toothbrush b/c he is disrespectful and it works he tastes it for a while. instead of using soap, anything will work ie: pepperspray, mace, a used condom, glue...Just put it on the mouthpiece and there ur problems are solved.