Bad guest

By Unknown - 23/12/2014 18:25 - United States - Cincinnati

Today, I learned to never invite my father to a wedding. He'll show up late, complain about the food, piss on a tree, and leave. FML
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DrMario_ 16

Is your father a dog? O.o

He certainly knows how to make an entrance... And exit.


DrMario_ 16

Is your father a dog? O.o

Don't know many dogs who complain about food, just saying

What do you think all the barking is about? "My damn owner gave me the same dog chow again, for about the past week! He had bacon this morning and didn't even ducking share!" But all you hear is bark, bark, bark.

Come on autocorrect, you don't autocorrect when I misspell porn, but you want to autocorrect fucking to ducking? Ducking isn't even a word.

Oh wait, ducking is a word. I need to learn to stop being stupid while typing. I'm pretty sure it is impossible though.

badluckalex 23

If anybody else replied 3 times in a row they would've been thumbed down to hell

We like MrSassypants...

Hahaha sassypants ftw

incoherentrmblr 21

It's a f**king Catalina Wine Mixer...

[insert pee pun here]

[insert a reply here]

[Insert life here.]

[Insert rant about how stupid this thread is here.]

That's just terrible, and it IS worse on your most special day. FYL OP.

Not necessarily OP's special day, could be someone else's wedding too, the FML only talks of "a wedding"

I feel bad for the bride and groom at the wedding. he's so inconsiderate!

She was the bride.

ChristianH39 30

It doesn't say that, it could easily have been another family members wedding that they were both invited to.

it said "to a wedding" not "to my wedding" so it could have easily been anyone.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I feel like if it was OP's wedding it would be even more of an upsetting situation for them and that information would've been included, I think.

He certainly knows how to make an entrance... And exit.

ndnpride88 25

Well atleast he gave a good attempt.

Um, no, he didn't. That's kind of the point.

Sounds like OP's father has done that same process before based on this FML. Heh...

wow, I really hope that wasn't your wedding

Hopefully this wasn't your wedding? Sorry OP. :/