By reallyhighschool - 03/12/2013 16:34 - United States - Torrance

Today, I got nominated to sit in a chair in the middle of the gym during a high school rally while the entire school got to throw paper balls at me. FML
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I'm curious as to why they do this and if it occurs every year.

So your school is actively advocating singling someone out and bullying them? Wooooooow...change schools.


Aww that sucks for you. Atleast they were paper balls

I bet if they are throwing knifes, then you would be like, "at least they weren't bullets."

Dude it's only paper balls. Get over it.

Hey man... Paper cuts are serious business

At least they weren't LEGOS!

\ 28

Hey, at least they weren't human balls...

At least they weren't grenades.

what kind of school is this :0

At least they weren't J-Biebs posters, also #47 your profile pic accents your commet splendidly.

It's humiliating!

Hey! It could have been worse. They could have been chucking newly sharpened pencils.

It could have been worse? I'm pretty sure the fml isn't about how much the paper balls hurt. More about the humiliation that happened to op.

I couldn't imagine a school that would let you throw pencils at you during a pep rally

I'm curious as to why they do this and if it occurs every year.

Tradition, to some kids it might have been an honor.

The Hunger Games meets 1 v 100.

Im curious as to why OP would even agree to it and then go write an fml about it. I suppose you can say "peer pressure" but that's precisely why I'll say YDI. Just say NO! You did it as a kid, use those no-skills.

No one said OP agreed. "I got nominated" didn't mean it ended up happening.

The person already have paper balls thrown own him. Now he put this story up for comfort. And u bully him

It's FML don't post stuff on here if you can't take people telling you the truth

What evidence do you have saying they are a loser? Just because they were nominated doesn't necessarily mean anything bad.

So your school is actively advocating singling someone out and bullying them? Wooooooow...change schools.

Have you ever been bullied? It's psychologically damaging and recursive and is designed to drive people to seclusion. This doesn't even come close. It's actually doing the opposite as a great many students will now feel fondness for the OP. I really wouldn't compare the two things.

I disagree completely, #23. I would have been humiliated to be in OP's spot. To have the school pick you as the person they most want to throw things at? Be put out on display as the person to torment and have to sit there as teachers watch? Trust me, the people I went to school with wouldn't have felt "fond" of me for putting up this; they'd have had a great time laughing at me and would have used it as one more thing to torment me with, with the goal of "driving me into seclusion". This is awful and the teachers should be ashamed.

Can you define "fondness"? It really depends on the person. Some could take it as a joke, but OP could be humiliated by this.

Well yeah, it sounds totally awful. It's definitely an FML for the OP. But just because this is terrible and bullying is also terrible it doesn't make them the same thing. There can be multiple bad things in the world.

I'm sure she was humiliated. I never said otherwise. "Fondness" meaning that the vast majority of students will feel sorry for the OP and also admire her ability to get through a trying event. That doesn't mean it was a good thing.

I think throwing shit at someone would new considered bullying. but I think we found the person to throw paper balls at.

@ 48 I'm pretty sure that's not "fondness" means. I would think that would be more pity than anything.

I thought being fond of something means you liked it a lot? Such as "I am fond of my new necklace."

48- First thing's first: That's not what "fondness" means. Secondly, I highly doubt that the other students would "feel sorry for her" as they are the ones who, after all, nominated her to be in this position in the first place.

I'm not so sure this is bullying. When I was in high school we did this every year. It was all in good fun. Sometimes it was teachers, and other times it was students. I wouldn't have minded getting paper thrown at me.

No this wouldn't actually be considered bullying unless this happened several times. Probably just a joke, maybe your friends bribed everyone to pick you as a joke.

Must have been quite the situation... but I couldn't help but picture that one episode when people accuse patrick of disturbing the big Clam and start throwing peanuts at him :( Keep your head up

I'd pull some mad ninja blocking skills

I was going to make a paper joke, but it would've been tear-able :-)

I'd think a different kind of balls would be more fun. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean?Know what I mean? Like golf. What were you thinking?

Jesus! Golf balls? Is that a death sentence?

the base kind