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# 21 German swears are not similar, you obviously don't know the German language... I'll tell you a couple to prove my point. Arschloch, arschkeks, armleuchter, dummkopf, dumme nuss, fettarsch, fick dich in knie..and the list goes on and on!!

  robotiick7  |  23

24- I've learned how to say I have kids in my pants in German and people think I'm insulting them. It's fun to do it in public and screw round with people

  poostool  |  5

Do you prefer spitting or swallowing? I prefer it when the nice lady just keeps it in her mouth and let's it dribble out onto her tats as she sucks me off again, then rubs it all over tatties and licks her fingers in appreciation.

  nerdfighteria  |  7

Why wouldn't she trust him? (provided he hasn't done something like his before) He's her boyfriend. And why would her friends be any different? Maybe they don't speak Spanish, maybe they would tell you that your BF was right just to get a laugh. I don't know. If someone offered to teach me a couple words in another language, I wouldn't immediately think "Oh, I better ask my friends first, to be sure!". Do you run everything your boyfriend tells you through your friends, just in case?

By  dreamering  |  16

Take the positive side. You could have said the same thing to your teacher, boss or other important people.

With the waitress, maybe you got a spit on the food and that's it.