By Anonymous - 08/06/2014 18:01 - Canada - North Bay

Today, my girlfriend sent me a text message confessing that she's been cheating on me. Apparently she regretted telling me the truth, because when I confronted her face-to-face, she claimed her roommate had sent it as a prank. She doesn't have a roommate. FML
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Leave her. You deserve better.

I agree. If she can't own up to what she says she is the WRONG person for you.


Leave her. You deserve better.

grapefruit_hd 7

No get the V

Why does everyone say that? How do you know? He could be a horrible person and deserves no better.

#33: Not only is the OP's gf cheating on him, but she lied to him about not having a roommate! Next she'll tell him she's actually just a guy with a nice butt.

nlm92 15

33 If that were the case he might be the one cheating

LuckBeNimble 19

33: regardless of his personality, she would still be in the wrong.

romanova83 6

33 , why would the girlfriend say something that would start a huge fight? You could just imagine what a horrible person could do in a situation like this.

I agree, not everyone deserves better. I'm not advocating cheating in any case, just leave, but it doesn't mean the offended person isn't an ass and deserves no less then they get.

incoherentrmblr 21

Did you break up with her through text messages using memes?...

This is why I hate girls. P.S. I am a girl.

That's one of the most overused, stereotypical statements ever. Just because someone is blond doesn't make them stupid, and just because someone is stupid doesn't make them blond.

maronofhearts 19

Are you blonde? Because you misspelled blonde, twice even though it's written in the comment you're replying to.

ChristianH39 30

Both spellings are correct, blond is typically masculine though

Actually, that is the masculine spelling of the word. Blond = male Blonde = female She just used the wrong version.

In fact, I am naturally blond. Both spellings are correct. Blonde is usually used to describe someone with blond hair.

No, she was just a dumbass.

And by the way, #20, I wouldn't recommend falsely calling someone out for a misspelling when you can't even place your commas correctly.

I made a comment like this before and got a ban by FML for sexism- but apparently it's ok for girls to say anything about other girls

I agree. If she can't own up to what she says she is the WRONG person for you.

If they lie once they will lie again. At least you know the truth now!

Leave her. You don't deserve that kind of treatment

Not only is she stupid, she has the morals of an ally cat.

Wow, way to use a broad brush on ally cats. I used to know an ally cat and he had one of the best hearts out of anyone I've ever met. Jeez. People like you disgust me.

Oh shit! Sorry you're right!! No slur on Ally cats intended.

Everybody wants to be an alley cat.

TallMist 32

Everybody wants that stray cat strut.

Hoping to you meant Ex girlfriend

llamaslikesoda 21

Fucked up, tell her that if she's gonna cheat at all... Be honest instead of telling the most idiotic lies.

shaww 28

Silly autocorrect. It changed I love you to "I've been cheating on you"

Stupid and dishonest. I hope the sex is good at least.

Yeah, cuz that's all that matters in a relationship.

I never said it was, 38. I said that since his girlfriend was both stupid and dishonest, that I hoped that at least the sex was good. By saying that I was insinuating that both intelligence and honesty are desirable qualities in a girlfriend. But since OP's girlfriend clearly lacks those desirable qualities, I would hope that she's at least good in bed, another desirable quality in a girlfriend. But of course, my comment was in jest. In all seriousness, I'd strongly advise that OP dump this stupid, lying bitch, regardless of her sexual attributes. I don't know why anyone would take that comment seriously. This is a humor site after all, is it not? Perhaps my comment wasn't particular funny, but that still doesn't warrant it's treatment as a serious assessment of the situation.

professionally worded good sir!

Tell her your roommate told you to break up with her.

OP's girlfriend is so dumb she might later get mad at her imaginary roommate.

Just another reason to dump her