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  dalink  |  24

If you live in an apartment complex, it could be difficult to discern who it is. So prank everyone by putting the pictures on their door.

  doodlecloud  |  26

Well that's a bit ridiculous. You wouldn't need to put the password in every time you wanted to print, just write it down for when you have to change the settings or whenever it is you need it...I don't know if you'd ever really need it. In any case, it's hardly a hassle.

By  Mookiisfabulous  |  15

I would of gathered them together and go next door. Knocked on the door and put on a huge smile as he answered while handing them over saying, "Sir, I believe this is yours... Have a nice." Try hard to be calm about it and don't laugh when you walk away. Though once he shut the door burst into laughter!


Reminds me to turn my printer off so none of my neighbors print something.

That too, a little side note on the picture of 'that's all?' and numbers to call in for enhance improvement.