By itsrathersmall - 15/01/2013 21:58 - United States - Fargo

Today, I learned my neighbor can access my wireless printer from his house after it started printing off pictures of what I'm assuming is his penis. FML
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At least it shouldn't waste too much ink.

dustymuffler 5

You should put them at his door.


dustymuffler 5

You should put them at his door.

First write "LOL Tiny" on the papers then put them under his door.

Don't put them under his door, put them *on* his door. Stick them all around his house, it's his own fault for being a weirdo!

You should put them all over your neighbours doors.

Oh yes I see fun times in the future... OP consider yourself in a very good position... I would have so much fun with that

TopBanana20 11

34- I know what you meant but my dirty mind couldn't help but read that differently...

26 - OP should go around knocking on neighbors' doors and asking to see their penis. To, um, see if it matches the photo. Yeah! That's it!

I'm pretty sure OP shouldn't do that, 81. That's exactly what the neighbour wants.

If you live in an apartment complex, it could be difficult to discern who it is. So prank everyone by putting the pictures on their door.

tjv3 10

At least it shouldn't waste too much ink.

18 - Might I direct your attention to OP's username?

Kinda a "dick move" thing to say is it not? ^_^

I thought the FML community agreed to stop the thread jackings, it's madness, madness!!!

109 - so, this isn't the krusty krab?

Post them around the street. Lol Jk don't. Unless u want to. (I probably would.)

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And then she'll go to prison for potentially exposing minors to nudity.

crazytwinsmom 25

Shouldn't your printer be on your secure wifi?!

It wouldn't be on FML if the wifi is properly secured.. Get a more complicated password that cannot be guessed.

free2speak 14

Not everyone makes it secure. The default on most is secure but some chose to do away with the hassle of remembering passwords.

Well that's a bit ridiculous. You wouldn't need to put the password in every time you wanted to print, just write it down for when you have to change the settings or whenever it is you need it...I don't know if you'd ever really need it. In any case, it's hardly a hassle.

You wouldn't have to put a password in everytime you used it, if the whole network is protected. OP deserves it.

vencku 13

Just take out the plug whenever you don't use the printer. Or have a better secured wireless.

It probably prints the pictures the next time she turns her printer on again, so securing her wifi would probably be a better option

mega20913 8

lol..was it that unrecognizable??

Look at the username....maybe it was kindof looking like a thumb?

I actually read the fml with an emphasis on 'HIS'. But that's just me.

I would of gathered them together and go next door. Knocked on the door and put on a huge smile as he answered while handing them over saying, "Sir, I believe this is yours... Have a nice." Try hard to be calm about it and don't laugh when you walk away. Though once he shut the door burst into laughter!

I agree! Could always say ive seen bigger.

Reminds me to turn my printer off so none of my neighbors print something. That too, a little side note on the picture of 'that's all?' and numbers to call in for enhance improvement.

10, you would HAVE gathered them. Not would of.

Excuse my mistake... Shit happens. Bunch of grammar nazi. Dude, don't have to post it twice.