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  vencku  |  13

3 - That doesn't make sense. The FML clearly says that OP doesn't want to go.

On an entirely different note, it was very unfair at school that Jews/Muslims would get days off for their religious holidays on top of the Christian ones that all students have. I didn't get THEIR holidays off, though!

  TopBanana20  |  11

4- All schools are closed during "Christian holidays" like Christmas and Easter because they are considered national holidays. What do you want us non-christians to do? make teachers come in and teach us while you. enjoy you're holiday?

  Carmstro  |  13

57, a girl in my grade 12 math class's mom asked her what classes she'll be taking this semester. My school is on the term system. It's k-12 and she's been going here the whole time.

By  billyz77  |  24

So is Christmas only for people named Chris? Thanksgiving only for turkeys? Halloween just for weenies? This could go on to all of the holidays if you wanted, but I'm bored with it now so I'll stop.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

Some better comparisons would be: So Christmas is only for Christians? Thanksgiving is only for pilgrims? Halloween is only for pagans and/or wiccans.

But even then, those are pretty lousy comparisons.

  firefly319  |  7

No, sarcasm would be, "Oh, so Presidents Day is only for Presidents?"

What they said might as well have said, "Oh, so 2 + 2 = Purple?"

Both are very very wrong.