By Sydney - 15/01/2013 23:16 - United States - Houston

Today, I told my mom we get Monday off due to Martin Luther King Jr. day. She then insisted that I had to go to school because that is "only for black people." FML
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I'm assuming you got your dads brains?

With her logic, they should have a Ceasar Chavez day because I need a break.


I'm assuming you got your dads brains?

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What the actual **** are you trying to say?

3 - The FML clearly states OP acknowledged the day off, and that her mother misunderstood.

I'm assuming 3 has OPs mothers brain ^^

StalkerChick 13

72- Would biracial people get a half-day?

RedPillSucks 31

Only if they were half-black.

With her logic, they should have a Ceasar Chavez day because I need a break.

vencku 13

3 - That doesn't make sense. The FML clearly says that OP doesn't want to go. On an entirely different note, it was very unfair at school that Jews/Muslims would get days off for their religious holidays on top of the Christian ones that all students have. I didn't get THEIR holidays off, though!

^ you failed to understand both #2, and the FML. To your unrelated note, why don't you just say you switched religions?

TopBanana20 11

4- All schools are closed during "Christian holidays" like Christmas and Easter because they are considered national holidays. What do you want us non-christians to do? make teachers come in and teach us while you. enjoy you're holiday?

I guess I can be happier with my agnosticism then. I get to enjoy all of the days off regardless of whether or not I celebrate :)

twinny_sc 13

I'm in need of a break, how about a Pocahontas day too.

How about a Peter griffin day off for overweight white guys?

29- Hahaha. You sir, deserve the key to my thread. Here take it...take it. Nah no no. I need it.

Speaking of her logic, what about people who are half black? Do they get half the day off?

No 36, that just means they're better at sports than white guys. But not as good as black guys.

36-If it's school it's minimum day. If it's work then they work part-time.

There is a Cesar Chavez day...

Cinco De Mayo? (I'm just kidding - please don't hurt me :D )

Too late, my people are coming for you, if you don't survive... Well no one will miss you.

Like me...

What have you done in previous years?

You would think the mother would, and should, know about the holiday being a day off due to previous experiences. It's not like the holiday was just instituted.

It doesn't surprise me. My best friend's mom still doesn't know what time she gets out of school every day and we're seniors.....

57, a girl in my grade 12 math class's mom asked her what classes she'll be taking this semester. My school is on the term system. It's k-12 and she's been going here the whole time.

So is Christmas only for people named Chris? Thanksgiving only for turkeys? Halloween just for weenies? This could go on to all of the holidays if you wanted, but I'm bored with it now so I'll stop.

...How did you miss the point of *all* of those holidays?

OP's mom didn't say it was for people named Martin. You go shoo and let the adults talk now.

Some better comparisons would be: So Christmas is only for Christians? Thanksgiving is only for pilgrims? Halloween is only for pagans and/or wiccans. But even then, those are pretty lousy comparisons.

Wow give him a break, people. He was only making a sarcastic remark -__-

Thanks #48 but sarcasm is lost on most of the 12 year olds that have taken over this site.

Actually the sarcasm wasn't lost in this comment. It was the humor.

SenselessPattern 12

Well, those 12 year olds aren't the ones complaining about nobody understanding their downvoted comment. Your move sir; you have till sundown.

*Humour, eh?

No, sarcasm would be, "Oh, so Presidents Day is only for Presidents?" What they said might as well have said, "Oh, so 2 + 2 = Purple?" Both are very very wrong.

Humor is also an acceptable spelling.

I think 92 was trying to be sarcastic.

free2speak 14

Wait.. Why is your mom doing this to you now? I'm assuming you got MLK day off on previous years as well? Is your mom going slowly insane?

free2speak 14

Just noticed that my comment is essentially what 5 said. Great minds think alike?

Fools seldom differ - to finish the phrase

Is this the first time you ever had that day off? Cause I think your mother is ought to remember from last year.

talloctopus 7

I'm sorry your mom is an idiot

I like OPs mom

I agree, I wish my parents were idiots, imagine how much more shit I could have gotten away with

Lbeck 7

Ignorance is bliss.


...where are you getting your information?