By Crappit - 06/10/2009 13:53 - United States

Today, my roomate thought it would be funny to take pictures of my morning wood and put it up on Facebook for everyone to see. FML
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flyboy57 0

it's only embarrassing if you got a small woody.

...well, that *is* funny


...well, that *is* funny

damn straight... it's hillarous :)

wintamint101 7

he could go to jail for that

joeyrocks 0

u can't put nudes on fb they will delete it

Is he straight? That would be wrong. Is he gay? I could see THAT coming!!!

flyboy57 0

it's only embarrassing if you got a small woody.

small woodies are gay

Wave the flag my man lol

morgan020 0

you have to admit it is kinda funny

that's pretty awesome. unless you a short dick man... then not so much, but hey homeboy, it is what it is. ROCK OUT WIT YOUR COCK OUT!

and Hang out wit cho Wang out!

Glam_fml 0

Hopefully you have a big dick - it could help your sex life. If it's small... Well yeah, your life is ******.

icecreammintz 0

i know huh

My first reaction "Well... That IS pretty funny."

ruben7467 0

is the roomate a guy or girl??? if it's a guy that's gay!

because girls tend to do those things, right?

I agree on soooooooo many levels( this is meant to sound like a stereotyped teenager/ young adult)

satanstoystore 0

make him regret it. wont happen again.

mastory96 0

well... everyone has to pitch their tent sometime. might as well be morning. there really should be a third button: what the **** are you complaining about? :)