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it's only embarrassing if you got a small woody.

...well, that *is* funny


...well, that *is* funny

damn straight... it's hillarous :)

he could go to jail for that

u can't put nudes on fb they will delete it

Is he straight? That would be wrong. Is he gay? I could see THAT coming!!!

it's only embarrassing if you got a small woody.

small woodies are gay

Wave the flag my man lol

you have to admit it is kinda funny

that's pretty awesome. unless you a short dick man... then not so much, but hey homeboy, it is what it is. ROCK OUT WIT YOUR COCK OUT!

and Hang out wit cho Wang out!

Hopefully you have a big dick - it could help your sex life. If it's small... Well yeah, your life is fucked.

My first reaction "Well... That IS pretty funny."

is the roomate a guy or girl??? if it's a guy that's gay!

because girls tend to do those things, right?

I agree on soooooooo many levels( this is meant to sound like a stereotyped teenager/ young adult)

make him regret it. wont happen again.

well... everyone has to pitch their tent sometime. might as well be morning. there really should be a third button: what the fuck are you complaining about? :)