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By  Andrewl_FML  |  0

Is "slaps his sausage" slang for masterbating or is he ACTUALLY slapping a sausage. I personally think if he was literally slapping a sausage while watching you have sex would be so much funnier!

  Otto12  |  0

btw, ur not first, and if u even were, noone cares.why is it such an accomplishment to be first, while some people are fighting for a greater good, protecting their country, or helping people in, say Haiti. go get a life

  marc_with_a_c  |  3

yeah seriously.. once in a while I can understand, but if he could see everytime, then it's your own fault for not closing the curtains/blinds, or for not noticing the view from your window that goes to his window

  time4coffee  |  3

YDI Keep blinds, I'm assuming you're in a city, common situation. But why are you watching back during sex to know it's 5 cigs and he's slapping the sausage. Sex must be pretty bad if you have to watch him

  perdix  |  29

Oh, come on, if you had non-ugly neighbors who regularly had sex in plain view, wouldn't you watch?

Of course, that is if there's nothing good on TV or there are no FML's that scream for comment. And might you also get a bit excited from the show and seek some release by choking the chicken? C'mon, truth!

But, smoking?!?!?!? Eeeeewww .... disgusting!