By Anonymous - 06/11/2009 18:41 - United States

Today, I overheard my best friend's wife telling their kids to pay attention in school and stay focused on their goals so they don't end up a failure in life like their father's friend, Matt. Hi, my name is Matt and I'm the friend. FML
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xshyguyx 0

Well, at least you succeeded in one thing in your life- being the bad example

mannix_fml 0

Punch her. And if it comes to it, punch the kids.


xshyguyx 0

Well, at least you succeeded in one thing in your life- being the bad example

Simple concept of life ------------- If no one is bad, no one is good.

perdix 29

We bad examples prefer the more politically correct term "cautionary tale." ;) You have to be sensitive when you label losers -- not many "winners" go on shooting rampages.

Simple concept of how retarded you are -- meaningful quotes on fmylife are lame

Reyo 2

Been stuck in that situation before. That's when you pop out and say "Hi, I'm Matt. You should listen to your father. I'd much rathor be a raging success like he is. Oh, by the way, find your own damn ride to the airport. I just realized I'm too much of a failure to take you." (waits for "you such a looser" comnments) PS, I was lucky. He had to leave for an important business trip in 3 hours. Just get creative.

Fuck you, its not my fault i lead a meaningful life unlike you Now go to bed

Reyo 2

Actually, 41, the reason he needed a ride was that his car was in the shop getting his brand new transmission installed, considering the last up and stopped working. Safe tuh say...DAT NIGGUH BROKE! He gave me the guilt trip by saying "My car's in the shop!" and I just said "Why don't you fix it with all your success?" "I am" "Good, looks like my job here is done. See ya Thursday!"

I don't understand. Whered the airport come from?

x0stormbringer 0

thats teriible -_-

nah, he deserved it for not paying attention in school

Actually, he deserved it for writing "Hi, I'm Matt" in his FML and then posting it as Anonymous.

So? My name isn't really Gizmo, what's your point?

lexi_cacao 0

that was utterly tactless... what exactly do you do? or not do?

deaditegirl 0

Well, are you a failure in life?

birds_fml 7

Exactly what I came in here to say. Maybe the mother's a lawyer or something and thinks that any other job beneath that is a "failure," or maybe he's an alcoholic who lives with his mom and doesn't have a job and really IS a failure.

perdix 29

Matt Foley? Are you thrice divorced? And do you live in a van down by the river?

It's actually a Geo, thankyou.

Well, la-dee-frickin-da!

perdix get your girlfriend to make you a sammich and stop posting gayfish comments. thankyou

perdix 29

Gosh, The_pleb, looking at the brilliance of your comment #7 makes me want to retire. Can't do better than that! Bravo! Genius!

It is awesome to be a role model of kids!

Hey there, Matt!

mannix_fml 0

Punch her. And if it comes to it, punch the kids.

Hi Matt. Operation: Do Best Friend's Wife needs to go into effect. And you do her good Matty, you do her good! So after she sucks you off, ask her "How does failures taste like bitch!?" Worry not, your best friend will understand.