By nerdygirl101 - 13/03/2010 05:27 - United States

Today, I woke up in pajamas I have never seen before. Usually, I sleep naked, and I live alone in a locked apartment. Then, the elderly woman next door asked for her nightgown back. Apparently, I sleep-walked and knocked on all the doors in my hallway repeatedly. I'm moving. FML
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Ohhh that's bad I would be totally freaked out. Maybe you should also think about what caused the sleepwalking and do something about that. The most common causes are stress and alcohol abuse.

It's a good thing you're a woman. If you were a man you'd be registering as a sex offender right now. Then it wouldn't matter where you move.


Ohhh that's bad I would be totally freaked out. Maybe you should also think about what caused the sleepwalking and do something about that. The most common causes are stress and alcohol abuse.

Actually it's technically caused by the messages that your brain sends to your body to shut down and not move during REM, not getting to your body. But yes, those are two possible and likely causes of said blockage between brain and body.

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I know something and you don't! S-M-R-T! I am smart.

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your next fml will be that your new apartment building turns out to be a sex offenders colony and you are still sleepwalking

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Lol wow, that just sucks.. I agree, go see a doctor, I hope all you did was sleep walk a little haha

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maybe the elderly woman tried to help you , you was naked [ I suppose ) and she saw you so as a kind gesture for you not to be embaressed she tried to find a nightgown for you and brought you back to your room . Anyways , OP moving won't do anything . Just go see a docter . it's probaly stress .

I think people are missing the point of why OP is moving. Her (potentially) entire building has just seen her naked. would you be able to stick around after that?

Yeah but she doesn't know that for sure since she was sleeping. The elderly woman is her neighbour so she's clearly one of the first people's door she knocked on before OP wandered off in the haĺlway.

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and BTW , I would be pretty scared if a a naked guy came and knocked my door . imagine if you feel on her ( the elderly lady ) !

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I agree. It would be pretty scary if a naked guy came and knocked your door. It would be worse if he did those things in the reverse order.

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^It doesn't really matter, idiot. Would you like a random naked person banging on your door at 2 in the morning?

#33 perdix - I think your humor was a bit too subtle there... It did make me laugh though. Next time, use a whoopie sledge hammer instead of a feather.

guyz u don't understand why the op said he is moving , so that instead of an elderly lady asking for her gown back , it's some hot chick asking for her thong back;)

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That doesn't make any sense...

especially considering op is a girl so I doubt that's the reason am I the only one thinking some people on here don't read the whole fml before they leave a comment

try it for two or three nights, you can't go back... I wish I could, in case my building catches fire or something...

If this isn't fake, then go to a medical supply house. They sell a short leash that goes from your leg to your bed. When you get up, the leash comes unhooked and sets off an alarm. The alarm requires you to repeat a number pattern to silence it. It is a pattern you can not do while you are in any stage of sleep.

@ 15 hummmm, u seem to know a lot about this

Yeah it's called being a sleepwalker or dealing with sleepwalkers. purplehaze you clearly have less than 8 brain cells left.

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lmao that alarm thing would be so awesome to just put it on a random person while they're sleeping and watch them try to figure it out in the morning

yeah u know that cuz last night u entered my brain trying to steal some , since u have none left . n stf if u don't know ne thing about sarcasm oh yeah I forgot u have no brain cells!!