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Today, I jokingly tried to convince my girlfriend that Wyoming was a government conspiracy and did not exist. She believed me. FML
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The cruelest thing you can do to fools is prank them. She obviously doesn't have the mental capacity to disbelieve you.


I'm not sure what baa'ing a salesman is, but I don't think sheep are in high demand right now. Besides, that would be pulling the wool over people's eyes.

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Or the fact that his girlfriend is dumb af

MITM, stop with the sheepish comments will ya!

Come on guys, wool you please stop with the annoying puns?

87- If you don't like puns, get out. FML commentators use lots of puns.

And then i just realized that was a pun, sorry!

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I'm with #1 - sounds like you could sell anything! (Or your gf is stupid - there's that too)

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People are going to get butt hurt over your comment. They'll be like " you had the second comment and you wasted it on this" or "you could have replied to number 1's comment." Good luck.

31-Is that what you consider being "butt hurt"? While I agree that the whole "waste of comment space" thing is BS, as it isn't stopping anyone from commenting, he could've easily replied instead. Although it could've been an accidental post instead of a reply. Which is forgivable. For now.

Why does everyone hate on Wyoming? Is it seriously that insignificant that people can be convinced its not real??

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Nobody hate Wyoming no one does anything there. What i'll never get is why TV shows, and other media hates Wisconsin

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#22, because they are jealous of your great cheese and beer and Harleys. Also, you spend too much time apologizing for how harsh your winters are, and not enough time bragging about how fantastic your summers are. The entire American South should move to Wisconsin from June through September, at least. Summer in Wisconsin is magnificent!

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#30, I spent the past two summers in Wisconsin. (Waukesha which is only about 15 miles from Milwaukee) I found the weather to be delightful and not terribly humid at all. Considering I spent the previous 30 summers in Houston, my built-in hygrometer may be set a little differently than yours ;)

Wyoming gets no respect people would rather talk about Wisconsin

Ya probably, ive always loved winter but just sometimes Wisconsin is just to dam hot

51- Did you just use Wisconsin and hot in the same sentence? I didn't know that was possible....

No one likes Wyoming because the only things to do there is get into drugs and get knocked up at a young age. That's all I ever hear about when I'm there.

The state that absolutely NOBODY cares about is Montana. And that's not mentioned on this thread because nobody cares enough to mention it.

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I'd love to forego a summer in south Louisiana for one in Wisconsin. Holy cow, it's hot here in August!!!!!!!!

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I live in Wyoming and I wish it was a conspiracy!

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I just moved here from Wisconsin coincidentally an Wisconsin is amazing and do beautiful unlike Wyoming which is honestly disgusting

No one believes me? Go to Rock Springs. I spend a month there every year and I hate every bit of it. It's a shit hole.

Great falls, reporting in. **** Chicago, we're the real Windy City.

Try spending summers in humid south Louisiana...then we can talk. Till then you don't know what your talking about.

The cruelest thing you can do to fools is prank them. She obviously doesn't have the mental capacity to disbelieve you.

You could totally be like the dude from the invention of the lie. Tell her you can't lie and she would be like putty in your hands. Not saying it is morally correct, but then again, my moral compass points at the ground...

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46 - except for when you're excited, right?

I once convinced a girl that there were no birds in France, and that if you ever see a bird there, it's imported. She had won a prize for academic achievement...

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65- it's completely unrelated but I like your profile pic.

"I sued Verizon 'Cause I get all depressed Any time my cell phone is roaming I sued Colorado 'Cause you know, I think it looks a little bit too much Like Wyoming " Weird Al

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I sued Taco Bell cause I hate 2 dozen chalupas and I got fat!

That's what you get for hating Taco Bell.


I'll sue ya if you even look at me funny. And weird all will sue all of us if we use any more lines from his song in this thread.

Your icon and your comment fit so well.

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*Gets a piece of paper* Reads "look on back" *turns paper* Reads "look on back" *turns paper* Etc etc etc

... Hmm, so it doe-aww shit you stole my lungs.

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Wow. Next thing you know, she'll fall for every scam in the book and lose all your money and more