By Imaginary girlfriend - 21/09/2009 04:16 - France

Today, I found out that my whole family thinks my girlfriend is imaginary. I sent her a text in front of them telling her that. She never responded. FML
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xshyguyx 0

Maybe she is imaginary...

I get that sort of thing all the time. You want to prove something, and something goes wrong on the day. ie. My keyboard arrows don't work, but when I show my mother, they do. FYL.


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zee209 0

Why would he dump her?! Because she didn't reply to a text? Maybe she was busy or something.

blargity 0

maybe she was having a similar problem with her family but didn't get that text

This is not FML, it's FUNNY. The other side of this is that the gf has a sense of humor...and so does he. No FML here. (Just my opinion, obviously)

tha69ers 0

maybe she is.......

xshyguyx 0

Maybe she is imaginary...

Maybe THIS is imaginary.

moonlight_daze 8

Maybe your whole life is imaginary. And in reality, you're strapped down to a chair in a loony bin right now.

HahaYDI 0

Maybe we are ALL imaginary...OMG I can't believe anything anymore!!!

Darrus 0

It's not the spoon that bends, it's yourself...

but there is no spoon...

greenltrn2003 0

There's never been any spoon...

RandomAttack 0

The cake is a lieee

Your mom's a lie, but I can still enjoy her.

RandomAttack 0

Your Hilarious -_- =|

You can enjoy my mum all you like, that would be ho- acceptable.

CDS09 0

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise sorry OP :P

You both play portal portal PORTAL I don't believe the scratchy writing on the walls and must save COMPANION CUBE

RandomAttack 0

Portal Ftw ! Which apparently Redbluegreen didn't get. =|

I know the jokes. Very very well. And I have played Portal. XD I was just adding on. I just like mum jokes.

RandomAttack 0

Lol ok [:

Portal, The Matrix, and Fight Club? I love this place

I get that sort of thing all the time. You want to prove something, and something goes wrong on the day. ie. My keyboard arrows don't work, but when I show my mother, they do. FYL.

how bout you just bring her home... dummy

Darth_Taco 14

lol. I'd probably be the bitch that would do the exact same thing to my boyfriend xD. Then I'd show up a week later and say "Fuckers! I'm real!" Nah, I didn't do that to him. He makes sure I show up once a month so people would talk to me. I'm still the "internet predator." D: I'm guessing this is long distance. Talk to her tomorrow and tell her you weren't lying XP. Then ask her to prove her existence.

Sun_Kissed18 25

He really doesn't have to prove anything to them. If they don't believe them, thats their problem. The way I see it, now you can sneak off to her and your parents wouldn't suspect a thing. win win in that case. Always think of the positives :D

zee209 0

Not really an FML..I'm sure they'll eventually meet her if you're serious about her.

ha ha! your gf has a sense of humor. I love it.

ddawgg5523 0

9, how's that good if op is tryin to prove he's/she's got a gf? the ur parents just send u to a therapist or psyciatrist or some thing. that would suck. trust me. I've been there. as for OP, ={( that's cold

It's okay, my parents call my best friend my "imaginary friend" since he never comes over, despite the fact that my mom has met him in person before, and my dad has seen him respond when I IM him (we don't do this texting crap).

She was probably just busy, or something. When I text, it takes forever to receive texts. So when I do, sometimes they're a day or two late... ..FYL c:

Haha thats not an FML thats just hilarious. Lol. I really do hope shes real man. Best of luck.

You deserve it for having an imaginary girlfriend.