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Today, I had to explain to my 35-year-old husband that "Honda" and "Hyundai" are two separate car companies, not to two different pronunciations of the same one. FML
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pphead 5

Well I don't really blame him. I did think that too when I was about 5 years old.


If you think this is divorce worthy.. good luck on your future relationships..

Sarcasm would be reasonable, but then again, considering how much FML commenters love to call for break up/divorce over the most trivial bullshit, it could well be genuine.

Seriously? If you think this is what people divorce over I'd like to know what you think people should stay for...

I'm so bad with car models that this is something I just learned thanks to FML. Saving me from embarrassment if I ever have to use Hyundai in a conversation or when/if I try to get my own car. Thanks FML for saving a life

Redgy22 26

First thing I thought too! With this being FML, I believe this IS the "go too" response.

pphead 5

Well I don't really blame him. I did think that too when I was about 5 years old.

Well when one is mentioned, i automatically think of the other. I never heard of hyundai until years back and i honestly thought honda just changed their name. Seems silly but there can be worse mistakes

amileah13 26

*says quietly* Different spelling too... Maybe he was thinking that Honda was American? And Hyundai foreign?

Both are Asian brands. Americans say "Hyundai" as "hoon-dye" instead of "hi-un-dye" so that could be what caused the confusion.

hopsinlove17 26

It's pronounced hun-day like sundae(:

Honda is also actually pronounced different in Japan I believe, it's not really unreasonable.

even still they're both imports. I'd actually be more ashamed if that's what he was thinking.

"Hyundai" is Japanese and is pronounced "Hyoon-dye" over there. Us Westerners tend to pronounce it "Hun-day."

Hyundai is Korean, my bad. I've no idea about Korean pronunciation. Sorry for wasting your time.

#59, Hyundai is indeed Korean. 현대 would be properly transliterated as Hyeondae or Hyundae. However, I have no English example to compare the pronunciation to.

Wow. And I thought my husband not being able to drive my stick shift was bad. No, that wasn't an innuendo.

A07 48

Waiting to see how someone justifies divorce on this fml

Someone already tried to say divorce. Amazing what people will end relationships for

Considering Honda is Japanese and Hyundai is Korean they are totally the same company. #sarcasm

Because clearly people who know this little about cars would still know what nationality they are, right?

Bojack_fml 10

This is such a fun misunderstanding.