By Anonymous - 15/07/2015 16:29 - United States - Katy

Today, I went downstairs early in the morning to watch a movie. As I walked into the living room and reached for the light switch, I heard my dad say, "Knew you'd change your mind. Get them off." followed by the sound of a zipper being undone. I've never been so mortified in my life. FML
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oh goodness, what happened after???

another victim petrified by thier father's basilisk.


oh goodness, what happened after???

JMichael 25

The bad start to a porno movie..

Schizomaniac 24

Are there ever any good starts to porno movies?

Surprise buttsex

Jflowers9296 14

It's her father!!!!!! Where did you think that would be appropriate or funny?

The Lannisters & Targaryens would approve of porno like that! #30, theres a shit tonne of father/daughter **** on the Internet... So... Y'know...

RedPillSucks 31

this is one FML that should NOT be illustrated

No one is saying anything the original post didn't imply.

#27 that wasn't clever nor funny #30 calm your ****

how do you know? what do you watch

#44: It's still possible though.

Jflowers9296 14


Go buy some mind bleech

killer6969 16

Bleech is the next form of bleach, much stronger and efficient and seriously necessary.

B1ackthesun 31

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My gut tells me he was joking #66

cmchappy 25

Got all scientific to look smart oh the irony

#66 used too much bleach when dihydrogen monoxide was in order.

B1ackthesun 31

Your gut is correct 67, but I'm not surprised or concerned by the down votes Some times facetious moods strike me ;)

#66 You must have a hard time grasping the concept of sarcasm.

I dont know about 66, but the thing that makes sarcasm hard for me is that its not being verbally said and im always "sarcastic" weither I axtually am or not.

Wow that must have been awkward... Sorry you had to deal with your dad mistaking you as your mom. But I am curious as to what you did... I think we need a follow up!

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xKrisSmoove 21

Wouldn't that mean your dad would have been talking to you, his daughter?

#16 oh god... not that porno

there could've been a similar situation if you lived with your dad and he had a gf who was either staying or living at the house too.

another victim petrified by thier father's basilisk.

RedPillSucks 31

ball sack?

moosetracks22 10

Basilisk- a type of snake/serpent, see Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets for more info. But seeing your father's ball sack would be equally frightening

Attacksloth 33


Wallflowerchild 12

The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the Heir beware.

Noo D: that's the worst.

Zwerik 31

Oh my god... I really want to know what happened next, actually.

Your profile pic is approriate.

RIP OP's ears.

Good luck erasing that memory!

This is what happens when you tell your dad you're feeling naughty

I see what you did there.