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Today, I played a game with my boyfriend. The point of the game is to write down everything you like about someone. I put down at least ten things for him. He had one thing down for me: my boobs. FML
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It sounds like he may have been a little distracted during this game.

At least now you know why he's with you :( Sorry op


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People saying first is probably one of the dumbest things i've ever seen, but i've been dealing with it for a long time /:

8 - Not just because they're dumb, probably because they want attention too. Quite pathetic if you ask me...

Jump off a bridge, #1. No one likes you.

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15 & 30 - while #1's comment was self centered, immature and annoying it is no reason for self harm. Your comments make you look just as immature.

I wish that 1 had actually ended #3, then he'd feel silly.

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If ya ain't first your last #1... and #2 .. Really... WHO complains about having nice ****?!?! Frig.. This is SO not an FML! ... Don't worry.. Be happy ;) .. Oh yes.. That's a dirty winky face.. It's intended.. All by it's own.. You crazy little grammar nazis.. Yes I'm drunk.

I got moderated the other day for saying that a story wasn't an FML. How unfair :(

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Cool! Don't listen to all of them jealous fanboys.

starman02 12

"Half the world is composed of idiots, the other half of people clever enough to take indecent advantage of them."

Didn't even say you have a nice ass? What a dick. Anyone else feel like being a grammar/spelling Nazi to the username?

90: I had to resist the urge to say anything. My hands are still twitching.

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When did commenting 'first' start back up? I thought this had been crushed in the commenting battles of ought-nine

8- the quote in your profile picture should be the comment.

Traffic doesn't move... Hence it being "traffic"

93: What gave you the idea that I wasn't chill? I thought hand spasms were the norm... On a more serious note; It's called a joke.

At least now you know why he's with you :( Sorry op

It's not as bad as you think, OP. He's only 8 things behind :) Technically, he had 2 things.

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now thats a starter op! it could have turned out worse! what if he had written nothing..! because some people can either be shallow or some people cant describe whats good in a person right away! you need to talk to him!

No. YDI for expecting any more then what he wrote.

41- She deserves to to feel like nothing more than a set of breasts in their relationship, simply for expecting that perhaps her boyfriend found she more than that to bring to the table for reasons to like her? I'm sorry, I don't think she deserves that to expect more at all. That reasoning suggests that if she ever got a reduction, she'd be obsolete and worthless to him, which I hope isn't true. :p (Of course, he could be joking and Op may have taken it a little personal, but still....)

starman02 12

DO NOT say sorry unless you mean it. You don't mean it :'(

53- .....Are you referring to me saying I'm sorry for not agreeing with 41? Perhaps I'm being too polite, as what I really mean is, I respective disagree, which I actually do. I like to share a common point of view with people, but we didn't see eye to eye on this one point, that's all. So, I'm Sorry for the misunderstanding. ;D Cheers! Edit: I just reread the other comments. I believe you have may been referring to #2! My bad! :D

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LOL yes 58 I was referring to #2.. Although.. I enjoyed reading your comment :)

62- Yes, well, it seems I have to take something, over analyze it, and make it all about me, me, me... I'm really special like that. ;) Bleh.

starman02 12

Sometimes, it's awesome to be special! :)

I use to make the same grammatical errors, but then I turned 6. On a side note, I was indeed kidding but seeing as this isn't the trolling community you guys are all pussy-whipped scum. May God have mercy on your soul.

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Exactly. Putting someone on the spot makes for an awkward time.

It sounds like he may have been a little distracted during this game.

But those were 2 big reasons yours were probably small...or not idk

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What a boring game, I would've ended it like that, too...

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Just if it didn't sound like it I meant her reasons were small.. Idc dislike my comment please

A man of simple taste...also #1 you're a ****.

Well look on the brightside, he likes your breasticles. Try to re-spark things between your boyfriend and yourself.

No, because it sounds like some mad scientist froze a pair of boobs and distributes them as popsicles. Freaky...

Skoomaki - Nope not so much. But I think of icicles hanging off the breasts as if OP was leaking milk and it froze which is quite a disturbing image.

35 - Well that's not what I intended it to mean... I just meant breasts...

6: I'm gonna throw one out there and say .. 'Happy Endings' reference? Or is it just me?

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It's breastastic! ...better than yours...

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Breasticles make me think of breast and testicles. A bad combination. *shudders*

Everybody is wrong they're called chesticles.

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FYL what a superficial douche you should find someone who appreciates who you are.

Says the girl with the bikini picture on an Internet forum.

Those are two things that cannot be disliked. :) I'm sure he'll figure out eight more eventually.

My boobs, my ass, my long legs. That's all I ever get from most people.

Isn't that what men like to look at first? Your friend has it right.

RedPillSucks 31

This app says you guys are -75, -86, and 33, respectively

Why do men like to look at them first? Seriously, what is it about boobs that are so special? You try being punched in the boob! They aren't that great! They have one purpose and one purpose only: to feed babies.

skyeyez9 24

And men get offended if they see a woman breastfeeding and catch a glimpse of Her boob while feeding her infant. Ironic.

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Sorry but you opened yourself up to this by asking him to play this game. Dont ask the questions if you dont want to hearcant deal with the answers. This is a game that he cant win no matter what he wrote or how he answered as there will always be a better way he could have answered it.

13- There may be a thousand things he could have said or said better, but I have a feeling what Op wanted to hear was that her boyfriend valued her for who she is, not what she has, singularly. If he said I love your sense of humour and how you make me laugh, how you're kind to strangers or how he thinks she has a beautiful singing voice, he would have came out ahead for not saying there was only one shallow reason he were together. My wife has large boobs, and even though I like them, that's not why I like Her. Picking Only 10 things I like about her would have the challenge for me. :) And that would have a win for me. ;)