By MdMan2 - United States - West Mclean
Today, I was choking on a popcorn kernel at the movie theater. Nobody helped me. The workers in there told me to leave because I was "disrupting the audience". FML
MdMan2 tells us more :
OP here. The movie was the new avengers. And yea, I'm ok. Thanks for asking.
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  smackaroonial  |  20

I haven't had anyone with a flash, but I have seen many phones out, it's terribly annoying. What's worse is I went to the Avengers a couple weeks ago, and this guy brought his 4 year old, and was sitting right behind me. The kid kept asking questions to his dad extremely loudly, like "Dad, where is ironman's suit?" Or "Dad I know that guy!" And I gave the dad a killer glare after 10 minutes of that nonsense. After 5 minutes of the dad telling his kid to be quieter, the kid fell asleep. The whole audience was getting uneasy before he fell asleep. It was the worst theater experience I've ever had. Why would you bring a child that young, on opening night, and have him fall asleep? Rant over.

  mistertbawk420  |  10

That's why people in the theater have to stand up and tell them to shut up. I was in the theatre one night when this moron decided to answer his cell phone and have a conversation during the beginning of the movie (most important part). So before I could say anything, this guy stands up and starts flailing on the guy! Told him right off then took his phone and threw it! Long story short, cell phone guy left, and we all cheered

  gracehi  |  31

One time when I went to the movies, a woman had an infant who kept screaming through the whole thing. She fell asleep, and the baby continued to scream. Finally, someone complained and the theater staff escorted her out. As she was leaving, I started a slow clap. She shouted across the theater, "Excuse me???" and someone else replied, "Don't even worry about it. Just keep walking." Then after the movie ended and we were all leaving, she was standing right outside still holding her baby, right next to the manger who handed everyone a free ticket voucher. She glared at me as I passed her, although maybe she was just glaring at everybody.

Why the hell would you bring an infant to a movie theater? Seriously, if you want to watch a movie while holding your screaming baby, do it at home. That's what DVD players and laptops are for.

  theTravinator  |  21

*****spoiler alert (kinda)*****
I just saw the new avengers movie two days ago. Was pretty good, a little on the long side, and I didn't understand the romance between the hulk and black widow, but the action was pretty damn good.

  theTravinator  |  21

If you don't want spoilers, don't read them.

It didn't even give away something in the movie. I put about 10 asterisks there and "spoiler alert" that way people people that don't want a spoiler have a fair warning and look away. That comment was for other people who have seen the movie as well and possibly know the answer to something I didn't quite understand.

Okay now you can bury my comments.

  theTravinator  |  21

Fuck it. I'm out of this site. Nobody knows what a joke is and everyone is so uptight and philosophical. Many of you get so triggered at the smallest shit. You guys are by far the worst community I've ever seen on any website.

By  chuka81  |  27

It's inconsiderate chokers like you that ruin movies for everyone. If you must choke pleae do it outside and let everyone else get their money's worth on the movie they paid to see.