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Today, I introduced my girlfriend to my family. I asked her if she wanted something to drink, and my brother reacted by snorting and calling me a "cuck". Apparently offering your girlfriend a drink means you're being cuckolded now. God, I hope he was adopted. FML
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Justy101 23

Having respect for your girl, hell, having respect for any person is hot. Your brother is an idiot and won't get very far with a good woman if he thinks basic manners makes you "cuckolded", whatever that means... I'm guessing the equivalent of whipped.


NamelessGhoul 11

Old enough to know the word "cuck" but not old enough to know what it means it seems.

If you replace the "u" in "cuck" with an "o," then you have what OP's brother actually is.

"How old is your (Ops) brother?" Do you mean mental age or physical age? Becuse many times (especially in males) the two are very different.

I have never heard this term before and am thoroughly confused

Swandive235 27

A cuck is also a man who cannot sexually provide for his wife. Or he's impotent.

countryb_cth 38

It can also mean that a guy has sex with another guys wife without including the husband

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ShirtlessWonder 17

#33 No, not really... not at all actually. Cuck is something that a lot of people say. When someone says cuck, they mean cuck, as in cuckold(ed). Not anything else.

it means you like watching another man have sex with your wife/girlfriend

wtf is a cuck? and brothers always mess with's what they're here for :/ fyl

#3 Yea but by making those remarks he is also insulting OP'S girlfriend, which is not okay.

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#21 It means OP'S girlfriend sleeps with other men but OP knows about the affair and is okay with it.

It's a common term in the Male Supremacy movement. RooshV and his following of DoochV's use it to insult anyone they don't consider to be an 'alpha'.

Ugh just hearing those words stresses me out. I can only hope they advertise what they are fully and women stay far away from them. Hopefully they'll die out.

KryssLB 14

Ah, well, that explains why it's retarded, then. As is the brother.

CallMeWindSock 24

It's a term coined by Shakespeare. A cuckold is a man who's wife has committed adultery. Nowadays, there is a large **** genre dedicated to cuckolding, which is where the part about the man knowing about the affair and being humiliated by the wife and/or other man comes into play.

Justy101 23

Having respect for your girl, hell, having respect for any person is hot. Your brother is an idiot and won't get very far with a good woman if he thinks basic manners makes you "cuckolded", whatever that means... I'm guessing the equivalent of whipped.

Bonngoo 34

A cuckold is where your wife, girlfriend ect... Has another man have sex with her with her husbands/boyfriends permission. Sometimes the man watches too. It's sad in my opinion.

Traditionally I think it meant that the wife was having an affair without her husband's knowledge, so this has elements of calling someone a fool as well.

Theater_Chef_3 30

Well in the kink way it's a submissive male with a Dom for a female partner, but in this way it means non alpha male and is part of a very sexist movement

So if it is consensual you think it is sad?

"Sad" doesn't do it justice; it's pathetic.

KryssLB 14

A cuckold is a husband whose wife has gotten pregnant by another man. Same root as "cuckoo", and for a similar reason: Someone else's hatchling in the nest. I don't think the term has really been in common use since around the 1700s, though. The brother is an idiot twice over, first for thinking that doing the absolutely correct and polite thing of offering a guest (whether you're dating them or not) refreshment somehow means you're pussy-whipped; and secondly for thinking that "cuckold" and "whipped" are the same thing.

Cuckolding has nothing to do with permission or pregnancy. A cuckold is simply a man who's wife has cheated on him. I think the female form might be Cuckquean? It does come from cuckoo but not because of pregnancy; cuckoos leaving their eggs in another birds nest is a metaphor for a man having sex with another mans wife. Some people link the birds not knowing that the cuckoo eggs are not their own until they are hatched with a man not knowing a child is his until it's born, but an adulteress's husband is still technically a cuckold whether she gets pregnant or not.

To all those who are confused, a cuckold is a man who is being cheated on by his partner due to being "inadequate" by their standards. Sorry to hear that OP. Sound's like cucky brother over there is trying to divert attention *clears throat, wink wink*

I've always understood it to be a man who is being cheated on by his partner yet doesn't know about it

OptimusSlime 23

People like that need to just stop. Whenever a man acts polite he gets made fun of, whenever a man isn't polite he's a douche/a cuck. It's all ****** up. Keep treating your girlfriend kindly, and don't like people like your brother make you do otherwise. Btw, a cuck is a male who is submissive and the wife/gf of said male is the dominate one. The man basically serves her. It's basically just an inappropriate insult that should have never been.

If anything, it makes you the opposite. Manners is so attractive these days in this world of douchebags and bitches

It's basically a wimpy man that 'can't please his wife'

by definition, it's the husband of an adulterous wife

Badkarma4u 17

A cuck is a cuckold. Which is a man whose wife is unfaithful. Its a word that is commonly used outside of the United States. It referes to the alleged mating habbits of the cuckoo bird. Where the male cuckoo bird supppsedly creates and tends to the nest, while the female bird mates with male cuckoo birds other than her mate, then the male cuckoo bird takes care of the eggs and chicks created by his mate and other the male cuckoos. The term has gained popularity in the United State, because its a common theme in ****.

KryssLB 14

Cuckoos lay their eggs (usually one at a time) in the nests of birds of completely different species, where it typically hatches first, shoving the other eggs/nestlings out to die on the ground, while the poor unsuspecting nest parents run themselves ragged trying to feed they typically-larger baby cuckoo. Presumably the mother and father cuckoo giggle and high-five each other all the way home.

saffy66 34

Your brother is a knuckle dragging idiot. Tell him to focus less on your relationship and more on his own - if he even has one.